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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Grumpy Old Man corner!

Things we have learned this week:
  • I have ABSOLUTELY no idea who Caroline Flack is nor the 17 year old young man 15 years her junior, she is said to be dating.
  • Apparently Katie 'Jordan' Price (how could I NOT know who she is!) has launched a bid to become a new crime commissioner! Shudders in disbelief!.....
  • I have ABSOLUTELY no idea who Mary Portas is, nor express any interest in her apparent desire to redesign and thus 'save' the 'high street'
  • Some matronly cook has expressed the view that tipping salt caramel all over her head and being photographed for some style mag is not over sexualising food but merely showing "simply rapturous joy in caramel"

  • Lib Dem - Nick Clegg resurfaces and adds some brownie points to his rapidly disappearing profile by expressing that he is really rather angry with the PM's stance for his marginalising the UK in regards to the European community. Coalition? I thought it was just another reactionary right wing Conservative mob........
  • I have ABSOLUTELY no idea who Amy Childs is or whether she is the new Jordan, perhaps she is bidding to become a new Crime Commissioner?


sealy said...

Isn't the English Language great. If Nigella had played the Hattie Jaques role then all I could have said was "Oooo er!!"

JohnnyC said...

From one grumpy old man to another... thanks for the heads up as to the important things I need to know about before I return home to the UK next year!!