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Friday, March 31, 2023

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in court.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in court.

We can but hope . . . . . . 

Sound of the day : Leonard Cohen Everybody Knows + plus poem

Everybody knows that the plague is over still it takes 500 people every week . . . . . . . . . . . . 

We haven’t had any Cohen for a while so this will have to do . . . . . . . 

I didn’t get this pome and suddenly it has become a meme (again) and went viral last week so my wonderful daughter in law brought it to my attention and I am still not sure I understand. It is said lately that it is not critical but a ‘tribute’
Can you see that?

Explored here . . . . . . . . 

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Nat Myers announces New Album ‘ Yellow Peril’ June 23rd 2023 - Order Now!

 Nat Myers  has a new album out and has released a single from it. ‘Yellow Peril’!

Watch the official music video for "Yellow Peril" by Nat Myers from his upcoming album 'Yellow Peril,' available June 23rd. Film Directed and Edited by Andy M Hawkes Cinematographer & Colourist - Steve Voss B Cam - Schuyler Howie C Cam - Bella Mazzola Pre-order the album: https://click.ees.link/yellowperil

Follow Nat Myers:

Since first hearing Nat sing ‘Willow Witchin’ from his album Hobo Wine and Remedy Blues which I had subsequently bought, I have been a fan of this young man and his new album is his third and likely to be an awesome addition to his oeuvre. Check the links. Buy his other works they are sill amazing value

“I’m always searching,” says the Korean-American blues poet Nat Myers. “Itinerancy is something that I’ve owned. I’ve done a lot of traveling, but lately it’s started to seep into my songwriting and my music. Life just feels simpler on the road. You’re just trying to get to the next place in one piece.” His debut album, Yellow Peril, is full of jumpy blues songs about hopping trains, burning up highways, running from some danger but also running toward something harder to define and even harder to catch. Full of intelligence and soul, contradiction and nuance, these songs reflect his restlessness and wanderlust in their fleet riffs, complex rhythms, and quick tempos, as he draws from a variety of stylistic strains and historical threads to weave a complex epic about life in post-pandemic America.

Sharon Van Etten : Transmissions discusses ‘Tramp’ - AQUARIUM DRUNKARD


Transmissions :: Sharon Van Etten

Songwriter Sharon Van Etten joins Aquarium Drunkard Transmissions to discuss the 11th anniversary of her landmark album Tramp, her origins, her collaborators, and of course, her time on Twin Peaks: The Return, and why she was worried watching that show with her son in the house.

Sounds of the Day :: Buffalo Springfield - Mr Soul | O MY SOUL

Buffalo Springfield- Mr. Soul (1967)

Thanks to Alice over at

O My Soul

Wednesday, March 29, 2023


THEA GILMORE - Shrewsbury Folk Festival, Turtle Doves Stage  UK 2022

We like Thea Gilmore and wish her a broader audience but this comes posted all the way from Singapore and Big O!

After a difficult period enduring life changing personal issues and abuse Thea re-emerges stronger than ever with a re-launch as alter-ego ‘Afterlight' she has been touring to support her new found 
strength after a negative coercive control issue with her then partner. So this is for all the stronger women out there to spread the word.

Shrewsbury 2022 [no label, 1CD]
UK; August 26, 2022

a very good quality rip from TV

Track 01. Of All the Violence I Have Known 5:21
Intro by Jo Williams
Track 02Friendly Little Heart Attack 3:16
Track 03Stain 5:07
Track 04Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus cover) 6:14
Track 05The Chance (new song) 4:08
Track 06Rise 6:20
Track 07Don’t Dim Your Light For Anyone 8:02
Track 08Cut And Run 4:45
Track 09Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover) 3:37
Track 10Last 5:54
Track 11Cabaret (Marilyn Maye cover) 4:37

Neil Young :: Time Fades Away (Again) - AQUARIUM DRUNKARD

Neil Young :: Time Fades Away (Again)

…a brilliantly raw snapshot, a weirdo masterpiece that trades the celebratory nature of most live albums for uncertainty, experimentation and feral wildness. To celebrate Time Fades Away’s golden anniversary, we’ve compiled an alternate version of the album. Some of it comes from the original Stray Gators tour, some of it comes from much later on. All of it captures the unhinged thrills of the original. Don’t be denied — listen in.

Here . . .

Song of the Day | A Little Country : Kitty Wells & Red Foley One By One | Guess I’m Dumb

  • Track Name

    One by One

  • Artist

    Kitty Wells and Red Foley

Kitty Wells and Red Foley - One by One (1954)

A classic country duet

My plans and hopes have tumbled down . . . . . .from the ever brilliant Guess I’m Dumb

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Led Zeppelin - Destroyer Final Edition - Cleveland, OH. 1977 - VOODOO WAGON


So the Boss over at HQ posted a legendary Led Zeppelin triple ROIO despite my insane struggles to sort getting this, the link and download are all now totally fine and it’s really worth the effort!

Led Zeppelin - Destroyer The Definitive Edition - Voodoo Wagon

See the notes posted by Silent Way for the extensive history of this indispensable boot!

Now this may not be my preferred era for the Zeppsters (they were really getting a tad pompous by now for these ears) but the quality is beyond doubt and for fans and collectors alike you really need to have this one. It supersedes all other incarnations and is in FLAC format so is staggering quality

In My Time of Dying - Cleveland 1977 - DESTROYER 

Rock ’n’ Roll - Cleveland 1977 - DESTROYER

Sound of The Day - Swindon Psychedelia! - DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR : Vanishing Girl


or the alter egos of XTC as they were/are known!

Monday, March 27, 2023

The Groovy Lion - "Arriving Unannounced" NEW ALBUM :: GUESS I’M DUMB

 Now one of the things I have really enjoyed is discovering that some of the blogs featuring boots and ROIOs is they make music of their own. I have really enjoyed listening to Alice over at O My Soul and her last single release Over The Phone (I did post that didn’t I?) but I didn’t even know the guys connected to Guess I’m Dumb even had a band! Guess I’m dumb too!?

This is great and really made me smile and they have an album launch this evening (wherever they are!) [it’s California, I checked!] They only want a couple of bucks for it . . . . .go on you know it makes sense. Enjoy! I did . . . . . . 

  • Track Name

    Glitter Glue

  • Album

    Arriving Unannounced

  • Artist

    The Groovy Lion

The Groovy Lion - Glitter Glue (2023)

They say . . . . . . . :

"I wouldn’t normally post my own music, but we’ve just released something, and we’re playing our release party tonight. You can find it on bandcamp, youtube music and the evil site."

and be careful that glitter gets EVERYWHERE!

I think they should post more! . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sam Phillips "The Man Who Invented Rock 'n' Roll" - disc 1 - disc 2 | TWILIGHTZONE

Sam Phillips - The Man Who Invented Rock n Roll - TWILIGHTZONE Disc 1

Sam Phillips - The Man Who Invented Rock n Roll - TWILIGHTZONE Disc 2

This is fun! As ever Twilightzone specialises in find these brilliant compilations and this is not exception here. Whilst it inevitably includes Elvis Presley it is never assumed that this features more of him than anyone else and fairly even hardly spears the history of Rock ’n’ Roll across some inevitable inclusions and is just simply a joy from volume to volume. Track listings below:

Tracks Disc One - 1 Hello Hello Baby - Jerry Lee Lewis 2 Moanin' at Midnight - Howlin' Wolf 3 Just Walkin' in the Rain - The Prisonaires 4 How Many More Years - Howlin' Wolf 5 Rocket 88 - Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats (Ike Turner) 6 Gotta Let You Go - Joe Hill Louis 7 Every Night - The Jones Brothers 8 Troublesome Waters - Howard Seratt 9 Easy - Jimmy & Walter 10 Before Long - Jimmy & Walter 11 Lonesome Bedroom - Willie Nix 12 Big River - Johnny Cash 13 Boppin' the Blues - Carl Perkins 14 The Boogie Disease - Doctor Ross 15 Baby Let's Play House - Elvis Presley 16 Ooby Dooby - Roy Orbison 17 Love My Baby - Little Junior's Blue Flames 18 Matchbox - Carl Perkins 19 Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On - Jerry Lee Lewis 20 Flyin' Saucers Rock & Roll - Billy Lee Riley 21 She's Dynamite - B.B. King 22 Mr. Highway Man (Cadillac Daddy) - Howlin' Wolf 23 Tiger Man - Rufus Thomas 24 Red-headed Woman - Sonny Burgess 25 End of the Road - Jerry Lee Lewis 26 Who Will the Next Fool Be? - Charlie Rich 27 Mystery Train - Elvis Presley 28 How Lucky - John Prine


Tracks Disc Two - 1 Feelin' Good - Little Junior's Blue Flames 2 You're the Only Star in My Blue Heaven - Jerry Lee Lewis 3 Turn Around - Carl Perkins 4 Time Has Made a Change - Jimmy Deberry 5 Miss Froggie - Warren Smith 6 Seems Like a Million Years - Willie Nix 7 When It Rains It Pours - Billy Lee Riley 8 That's All Right - Elvis Presley 9 You Win Again - Jerry Lee Lewis 10 I've Been Deceived - Charlie Feathers 11 Rats in My Kitchen - Sleepy John Estes 12 Lonesome Ol' Jail - D.A. Hunt 13 Feelin' Low - Ernie Chaffin 14 Sittin' and Thinkin' - Charlie Rich 15 Hey Porter - Johnny Cash 16 Movie Magg - Carl Perkins 17 Rockin' Chair Daddy - Harmonica Frank 18 Booted - Roscoe Gordon 19 Cotton Crop Blues - James Cotton 20 Dorothy Mae - Joe Hill Louis 21 Mystery Train - Little Junior's Blue Flames 22 Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins 23 Rock and Roll Ruby - Warren Smith 24 Go Go Go - Roy Orbison 25 Settin' the Woods On Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis 26 I Shall Not Be Moved - The Million Dollar Quartet 27 Tryin' to Get to You - Elvis Presley

Song of The Day :: LAURA MARLING - Nothing, Not Nearly [Live]

Laura Marling - Nothing, Not Nearly (Live)

We like Laura Marling who defied genres and threw us curved balls and continues to do so from her duet with Johnny Flynn we were hooked early on and then her solos albums which seemingly can go any which way she chooses . . . . . . .as it should be. A mercurial star to be watched . . .star gazing

with thanks for the reminder to O My Soul

Sunday, March 26, 2023

A Love Story “Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo"


Don Hunstein     Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo, Greenwich Village, New York City  1963

“I couldn’t take my eyes off her… The air was suddenly filled with banana leaves. We started talking and my head started to spin. Cupid’s arrow had whistled past my ears before, but this time it hit me in the heart and the weight of it dragged me overboard.” 

Bob Dylan, on meeting Suze Rotolo, 2004.

“Whenever I looked around, Bobby was nearby. I thought he was oddly old-time looking, charming in a scraggly way. His jeans were as rumpled as his shirt and even in the hot weather he had on the black corduroy cap he always wore. He made me think of Harpo Marx, impish and approachable, but there was something about him that broadcast an intensity that was not to be taken lightly.” 

Suze Rotolo, on her first encountering Bob Dylan at folk music happenings around New York City shortly after his arrival in the city, 2008

Sunday Musics :: Jorge Ben - Zumbi (1971) - Guess I’m Dumb

  • Track Name


  • Artist

    Jorge Ben

Jorge Ben Zumbi (1971)

"Jorge Ben with an incredible song about Zumbi, the leader of Palomares, a settlement in Brazil of Africans who had escaped and continued to resist slavery.

This is extraordinary and has hints of Mento or early Calypso or even rock steady not to mention that Brazilian beat

I love how Guess I’m Dumb finds these things . . . . . . lovely 


Saturday, March 25, 2023

Honey Pie - The Beatles (Joshua Lee Turner Cover feat. Allison Young) :: THE BYGONES

Something a bit lighter perhaps? , , , . . . . . . . and again t'interwebbie thingamabob strikes . . . . .


we  love a Beatles cover when done right . . . and this is right and then some. . . seagulls included

“Honey Pie” by The Beatles cover from Josh Turner Guitar, featuring Allison Young (now known as The Bygones!). Come see one of our US debut shows! TIX: https://linktr.ee/Josh_and_Allison Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subJoshTurnerGuitar | Patreon Rewards: https://bit.ly/3yyI59e NEWEST videos:    • Newest Videos | J...   | Get Live Show Tix: http://bit.ly/31PqZTX Filmed in Robin Hood's Bay, England. Special thanks to Mark Hetherington for lining up the tour on which this video was shot, as well as Lou, John, Luke, all the people of Robin Hood's Bay who made us feel so at home when we were there. We want to go back as soon as we can!

Check them out . . . . .I like them (can you tell?) 

As for The White Album and Honey Pie I always like to think of Paul writing this for Linda "across the Atlantic!"

Nico & The Blue Orchids - Berlin Audimax - Live 07.05.1982 - ZEROSOUNDS

One of the most fascinating figures of rock's fringes, Nico hobnobbed, worked, and was romantically linked with an incredible assortment of the most legendary entertainers of the '60s. The paradox of her career was that she herself never attained the fame of her peers, pursuing a distinctly individualistic and uncompromising musical career that was uncommercial, but wholly admirable and influential. 

It was a very demanding show for Nico and the audience and neither Nico or the audience were satisfied. The expectations were too far apart and Nico provoked at the end with a successful version of: "Das Lied der Deutschen"

01. Heroes
02. Sãeta
03. Vegas
04. 60/40
05. Janitor of Lunacy
06. The End
07. All Tomorrow's Parties
08. Femme Fatale
09. I'm Waiting for the Man
10. No One Is There
11. Das Lied der Deutschen
12. Shouting for encore & is Reinhard Frahm out there ?

Nico: vocal, harmonium
with The Blue Orchids:
Martin Bramah: guitar, backing vocals
Rick Goldstraw [Eric McGann]: guitar
Una Baines: Yamaha Synthesizer
Steve Garvey [Steven Patrick Garvey]: bass, backing vocals
Toby Toman [Phillip Tomanov]: drums

Nico and The Blue Orchids - Berlin 82 - Zerosounds

"Shin Kicker" Rory Gallagher live at Montreux Jazz Festival 1979

 Start the Weekend with


Live! Hold on to your hats! and for pity’s sake . . . 


You know window rattling loud so the neighbours complain!

Mostly this are being for my oldest pal Leon!

Well, it's a shinkicker morning, I gonna kick start the day I'm gonna wind up my machine and I'll be on my way . . . . . .

we miss him