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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

WIRE 2013

Big O have posted the BBC 6 Marc Riley show  

After releasing the acclaimed Pink Flag back in 1977, Wire have gone on to record 12 more studio albums, including Change Becomes Us released in 2013. The new album is a hybrid of material they wrote back in the early days and things they wrote more recently and was released on vinyl as part of Record Store Day. - BBC

I was privileged to be working at MOMA Oxford when Graham Lewis, Bruce Gilbert (as Dome) and Professor Russell Mills did an installation piece there and under the direction of Deputy Director Marco Livingstone, we housed the Wire re-union gig of 7th June 1985 which was an astonishing evening and exists in bootleg form only I think.(available here) I have it on tape and still listen to it, Ambulance Chasers being a favourite piece!

I miss them and they were always a joy to be around and talk to about mutual interests, I shared with Russell a fascination with the work of Brian Eno which he had been involved in illustrating and my tutor at college had been composer Gavin Bryars, favourite authors (Samuel Beckett of course) There was much laughter too and we all drank possibly rather too much Guinness 

Track 01. Chat (3.6MB)
Track 02. Swallow (5.9MB)
Track 03. Chat (256k)
Track 04. Chat (1.1MB)
Track 05. Another The Letter (1.4MB)
Track 06. Chat (8.0MB)
Track 07. 23 Years Too Late (11.9MB)
Track 08. Chat (249k)
Track 09. Chat (2.2MB)
Track 10. Attractive Space (4.1MB)
Track 11. Chat (629k)
Track 12. DJ Intro (347k)
Track 13. Adore Your Island (4.4MB)
Track 14. DJ Outro (122k)


Click here to order Change Becomes Us. 

WIRE - Bloomsbury Theatre, London on Sunday 21 July 1985

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