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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Wonderful Willard has documented the current ENTIRE output of LIVE DOORS!

I know it is fabulously well done and better than anything I could put together . . . . . . . 
A lifelong fan I was privileged to be able to go to the Press Conference for 'Alive! She Cried' when it came out in 1983 at the ICA in London thanks to knowing the brilliant ICA bookshop Manager, Fliss. This was attended by all three remaining Doors and stands as a brilliant afternoons conversation with the Guardian Music journalist and fellow Doors fan Robin Denselow. I was able to take many many shots from about three rows back. It remains still a favourite recording and is well worth a punt

My favourite story from this event [which shows how old I was even then] but I got chatting before the Doors arrived on stage to a group of extremely hip young men who are very amiable and friendly and they told me they were in a group and I asked them what they were called and the lead singer told me they were called 'Echo and The Bunnymen' which I thought was really WEIRD! When I got back to Oxford there was much sighing and much eye rolling from my younger friends.  . . . . . . 


Live Buyer’s Guide – ALL OFFICIAL! Over 36 Hours, 38 Discs, NO Bootlegs!

FROM THE 2011 ARCHIVES: A collection of live Doors CDs, covering all of the band’s officially released live albums. We’ve also got our Doors archive up again; 1967’s The Doors, remixed and at the proper speed (HERE), Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970 (HERE), Rock Is Dead Sessions – February 25th, 1969(HERE), 13 Instrumentals (HERE), L.A. Woman: The Workshop Sessions (HERE), Perception Bonus Tracks (HERE), and More Studio Bonus Tracks (HERE). Track lists are in comments.

Alive She Cried (1983)
The first posthumous live Doors LP was most welcomed back in 1983. The random gathering of odds & ends didn’t have much rhyme or reason, but anemic long-time fans weren’t picky. The band doctored the tapes with some overdubs, since they already had to edit Morrison’s x-rated ad-libs from this LP’s highlight – a killer version of Van Morrison’s “Gloria.” It’s hard to believe we were all so innocent we couldn’t hear the unedited tapes until 1997’s The Doors Box Set. When the CD era finally arrived, Alive She Cried was packaged with Absolutely Live for the 2CD release, In Concert. At Amazon, HERE n HERE
check the wonderful Willard for his entries on the rest of the albums

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