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Monday, February 26, 2018

Now from 'Night Tripper' (we played it ALL the time . . . . . . it's 'heavy'!) which will prolly tell you far more than you need to know . . . . . . to 'Gumbo' [perhaps my favourite Dr John album] 
I bought all the good Dr's album as and when they came out over here although I guess I might be a little out on this one UK dates and USA dates and all by the time we got this it may have been around in America for a while but that's just a hunch
Right Place, Wrong Time is a favourite song and one we can all identify with I reckon . . . he turned me on to the other music of New Orleans from the Fess (Professor Longhair Henry Roeland Byrd who I have pretty much everything by and Crawfish Fiesta is in may top THREE albums of all time!) to Allen Toussaint, Huey Lewis, The Meters, Irma Thomas, Tuts Washington, songs like Junko Partner and Staggerlee, Iko Iko and much much more besides . . . . piano maestro par excellence who only switched from guitar because someone shot him in the hand (go figure as the Merkins would say - you get shot in your guitar hand so you switch to piano which requires two! And then you become one of the best piano players on the planet!? How DOES that work?!)

Check out the Dr Mac's autobiography 'Under a Hoodoo Moon' if you what a rattling good read. It must be my only book on the shelfs here at Swappers Mansions library (it's down past the Dungeon beyond the ha-ha) that is almost entirely written in patois! You get into it and can hear Mac reading it in your head if you listen!!

On this day in music history: February 25, 1973 - “In The Right Place”, the sixth album by Dr. John is released. Produced by Allen Toussaint, it is recorded at Sea-Saint Studios in New Orleans, LA in Late 1972. After recording several acclaimed, but moderate selling albums, the New Orleans born musician and songwriter finally makes his commercial breakthrough with his sixth release. Working with legendary songwriter and musician Allen Toussaint, the producer surrounds John with a group of top notch musicians including The Meters, Ralph MacDonald, and David Spinozza. Sporting a more funk oriented sound than his previous albums, it spins off two singles including “Right Place, Wrong Time” (#9 Pop, #19 R&B) which become his most successful single. The original vinyl LP is issued in a tri-fold sleeve, that is discontinued on later pressings, reverting to a single pocket sleeve.  First reissued on CD in the mid 90’s, “Right Place” is reissued on translucent orange vinyl in 2012. Another limited LP reissue pressed on multi-colored vinyl (orange, yellow and green) is released by Rhino Records in 2015. “In The Right Place” peaks at number twenty four on the Billboard Top 200.

thanks to the most excellent Jeff Harris' blog 'Behind The Grooves

Under A Hoodoo Moon

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