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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Two performances over the weekend that struck me

One/ Ed Sheeran and I realise there is something of a backlash against him and yet at the BBC Biggest Weekend he took the role as opening act consciously presumably as he stated his task was to warm up the crowd, which frankly is astonishingly humble for a superstar who can hold the main stage at Glastonbury on his own (and I am aware people said he wouldn't be able to ) This all so he could do two full sets in a day as he was to play Manchester later on that evening so midday opener at Swansea and frankly watching carefully two things occurred to me 1/ he can hold any size audience with a guitar and a Loop Master on his own. His control of which means he can self harmonise and play backing to himself with guitar and a keyboard featuring on only one track (see below) the other things occurs to me this is no autotune performance and he is a consummate pro in what he does and probably has perfect pitch. I think many people watching this will not fully understand how complicated a job he does of performance and made it look relaxed and easy. I like him! Did you guess . . . . . . . . 


Sigrid was on Sunday Brunch on Chanel 4 and this young woman keeps making me sit up and take notice first on the Graham Norton show and now over Brunch . . . . . 

This again is no pre-recorded autotune performance and with mere guitar & keyboard accompaniment and a harmonising backing singer [who needs must cannot be any slouch in the singing department either] sang one of her 'hits' 'High Five' as live as as it can get . . . . . .this lassie is a wonderment!

UPDATE - performance deleted - Well Channel 4 removed THAT pretty swiftly so here's the official version

Astonishing and reaffirms my faith in humanity, the young folks and the desire and power to create music and to just well,  sing!

UPDATE - two low points were 

Taylor Swift phoning in a six song mini set dressed as a cheap 70's hooker, the sound was appalling and her microphone appeared to not be working from the outset but I consider that a blessing from what we had later on. Stomping around the stage flat footed in your wellies does not make you Beyonce! Truly dreadful monotonous rubbish

Frankly Rita Ora on before put her to shame with energy, choreography, originality of dress, dancing and out performed and out sung. Rita always looks like she is enjoying herself! Despite the sad momentary tribute to Avicii. Great sound and the girl can SING! The headline act was deservedly Florence and The Machine who I enjoyed on the BBC Friday night show but missed here . . . . . . 
SORRY Back to High Points!!!

That and the fact she's gorgeous!

Back to the low points . . . . . . . . 

Liam Gallagher at the Coventry site for the BBC Weekend headline act with Beady Mincers or whatever, who appeared to sing almost entirely through his nose which has obviously taken a battering along the way as he can no longer sing (did he ever? I thought he was a shouter! - ED) a smattering of Oasis songs brightened it up because lets face it there's nothing else in the set worth paying attention too. Truly awful! Meaningless drivel


Philip Munday said...

Agreed Andy. Was shocking, at least the 30 seconds I could bear to watch. That ape like swagger that 15 year old boys routinely adopt is bad enough in 15 year old boys. When you're 45?!

Andy Swapp said...

Well said Phil, I was embarrassed for him. Whilst I'm a good twenty years older it was like watching the worst of 'dad-dancing' and your drunken uncle who still thinks he's got it! I least I had the good grace to realise I never had it! Never a fan but the brother who wrote it all and played the music has the creative intelligence to be SEEN doing other things, popping up on GORILLAZ made me check myself! Noel not mentioned here as I missed it down in the BBC playlist (sic) Ho hum!