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Tuesday, June 30, 2020


More from the wonderful Emily Barker from her F/B page and tantalising teasing about her new song and its video

but also she likes to post updates on her sounds and offers playlists on Spotify and adds piquancy with her chosen coffee of the days (a shared passion)

I love these down homie real vids she posts in homage to the music of others which its why I care so much to post her work here

Here she says:

This Monday morning’s Music + Coffee combo...
One of my favourite record stores in the UK is a shop called '
Music's Not Dead' in Bexhill-on-Sea. Not only is the shop-owner, Del an incredibly lovely human, he's also incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about music. Through these qualities a community has formed around the shop and they regularly host in-store shows - the likes of which I have played many times over the years!

I can't wait to head there when it's safe to do so to browse the shelves and play some new music to the Bexhill folks. I ordered this new release by Phoebe Bridgers called 'Punisher' from Del’s shop and am pleased to say that it's just as stunning as her debut 'Stranger in the Alps'. This week's coffee is from a Stroud-based company called Shipped by Sail who import goods that can't be grown in the UK and freight them in via old, engineless sailing ships thus making it emission-free! 
This dark roast is from Colombia and was grown by smallholder farmers around the central Andean village of Salgar. It's mightily yummy.
Here's me in my kitchen making a brew to Phoebe's new record: 
https://youtu.be/nij8Aj9oqUQ  Enjoy your day!Emily x

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