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Sunday, October 18, 2020

 The Great Secret American Painter 

with the name you'll know


Remembering Robert De Niro

A great article over at Messy Nessy (click link above) about a largely forgotten and under appreciated American painter with the most famous name. Robert De Niro Snr and his life as an artist says more about his actor son than we may at first realise. Suitably proud the son of the painter resolved their relationship towards the latter's mature reflection upon what a fickle mistress the arts can be and what one's father's sexuality can take some adjustment to. (see links)

Robert De Niro Sr. 

Robert De Niro Sr. – Portrait of Young Man Seated.

Still Life Robert De Niro Snr

Robert De Niro Snr in his prime

Robert De Niro Jnr and Snr

a suitably proud son, Robert De Niro Jnr infant of one of his father's paintings



D C Moore - De Niro's Gallery

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