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Saturday, October 27, 2018


Interesting piece on the early seventies singer songwriter Lesley Duncan who is largely forgotten now but associated with Elton John and others over at Plain & Fancy. She never garnered the success she deserved and perhaps too passively laid back to make it bigger they discuss this over her debut album 'Sing Children Sing'. That she had a lovely voice is a given and the songs were more than many produced at the time although perhaps it was the untimely Christianity or gospel rock influences and apparent references to make it bigger but she was never to make it big

Here with Elton and he clearly did all he could to push Lesley's profile into the mainstream bit to no avail. She seems to have not desired the spotlight and was known to suffer from crippling stage fright. Lesley died in 2010 from cerebrovascular disease. She was 66

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