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Wednesday, October 24, 2018


BBC - imagine - Tracey Emin where do you draw the line?

Great programme in the 'imagine' series last night and I have always felt an intense regard and respect for Tracey as an artist and as a woman, a person, her attitude and her experiences as a youngster and her vulnerability and also her strength. This programme includes great interviews with her going some way to explain or explore her work and sensitive observations not least from current Director of the Tate Gallery, gallery owner Jay Jopling and the Arts Council's head, Nick Serota

BBC - Tracey Emin imagine; where do you draw the line

The only thing I own is a tea towel by her that was produced for her show at Modern Art Oxford and I cherish having it . . . . . it made me laugh . . . . . "it reads "Not a happy Kitten . . . . . . . in fact I'd say it was a dog"

Mind you she did say she believed in an afterlife and had recently married a rock in her garden but hey . . . . . . . 

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