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Tuesday, October 30, 2018


I quite forgot to mention in all the plethora of postings yesterday that Aquarium Drunkard also posted a truly informative piece about the passing of Tony Joe White. Accompanied by some great track selections from YouTube too, Now if like many you assumed he was a one hit wonder and possibly not even that but 'that guy that wrote that Elvis song' then they set us right here

This is swamp rock and like Delbert McClinton and that kind, these guys didn't really travel well outside the States but boy they could play . . . . and sing and fonk it right up!

Dr John would understand what this was singing about . . . . .the crocodiles on the Louisiana swamps understand this music! Ha ha ha ha . . . . . . . a unique talent and he will he WILL be missed

J.J. Cale knew what this music was all about and it maybe needed an Eric Clapton to push Tony Joe into the limelight and he would've made it higher IMHO. Elvis wasn't gonna help . . . he didn't even come to the UK!

He had a gentle side too check this and play it on a Sunday afternoon

and somehow we missed him despite him appearing at the Isle of Wight festival . . . . . . perhaps we didn't get it?

 the gators got your granny!

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