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Sunday, April 08, 2018


There have a been a few really nice ROIO's from Big O this week rounded out today with a Bobby outtakes and rehearsals for 'Empire Burlesque' which has been improved over 'Clean Cuts' boot which had several speed issues IMHO.

Big O says:
BOB DYLANOutside The Empire 1984-85 [Wanted Man WMM 60, 1CD]Empire Burlesque sessions, NY, NY & Hollywood, CA; July 1984-April 1985. Very good soundboard. Speed corrected.Craig Pinkerton, bobsboots.com:This is a retelling of the 1992 CD from ‘Sick Cat’ entitled ‘Clean Cuts’. That CD had a speed problem. Wanted Man has slightly cleaned up the tracks, but most importantly, they have been slowed down about 10 per cent back to the original recording speed. Another thing that ‘Wanted Man’ has done is to create a nice looking cover with great period photos. A big improvement over the previous cover. This is a ‘must have’ title for all fans of Empire Burlesque and/or fans of studio outtakes.
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Also they featured a Jon Hassell set. Now Hassel's trumpet playing I discovered, as I imagine many others will have found him, through Brian Eno's produced series on his Obscure label and I loved Fourth World Vol I : Possible Musics and played the heck out of it when it came out. Here he is in his prime

Hamburg 1985 [no label, 1CD]

Live at Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany; May 15, 1985. Very good FM broadcast. Emperor Nobody remaster.
American trumpet player and composer Jon Hassell is known for developing the musical concept known as “Fourth World,” which sees him unify ideas from minimalism, various world music sources, and his electronic manipulation of the trumpet. He has collaborated with artists such as Brian Eno, the Theatre of Eternal Music, Talking Heads, Farafina, Peter Gabriel, Ani DiFranco, and Ry Cooder.

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And a wondrous blast from the past with a live set from Caravanthis year!. Anyone who was anyone bought 'In The Land Of Grey & Pink' when it came out and again we played it to death laughing and digging and chortling at the Brit humour and eclecticism and it's prog rock with humour tinges vibe. If you haven't heard them try 'Golf Girl and you'll either get it or . . . . . . well not!

Fabulous! Enjoy I know I did!

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