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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Jimi Hendrix, 1967 UK promotional poster
Photo by Donald Silverstein

Just because . . . . .I have said it before and I will doubtless say it again but can you imagine being Dylan and hearing this for the first time? Extraordinary to take someone's work and transform it so that their version almost becomes the seminal one. A better song for all that if you will?. Allegedly Dylan loved it (why wouldn't you and everyone's version since almost base themselves upon Jimi's arrangement )
 Perhaps more even than Leonard Cohen
upon hearing John Cale's version/arrangement of 'Hallelujah' or it being covered by Jeff Buckley or Rufus Wainwright (let alone all the other ghastly covers that hijacked this rarest and darkest of erotic songs and made them cloying and ersatz, histrionic versions of Cale's re-arrangement like the awful Alexandra Burke version or and there's are many worse than that just google them. These latter would I think have made Cohen laugh first to burst. 

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