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Monday, April 16, 2018

On The Record - Andy Roberts

Andy Roberts is one of those figures, session man and player with what must seem like almost everyone at certain stages in his career. I registered the name and realised that The Scaffold and particular Grimm with Mike McGear [McCartney], Roger McGough (still a favourite poet) and John Gorman, Viv Stanshall and Neil Innes. Andy was the 'R' in GRIMMS it being an acronym of all their names  . . . . . I still have two albums featuring the gang!

Check out this wonderful piece of writing about Andy here over at the wonderful and extraordinary 'Plain & Fancy here'

Meanwhile check this and I for one feel we are in the presence of an artist who's work has largely gone unrecognised unjustly

 . . . . the boy can PLAY

This from his album 'Urban Cowboy'

Somebody explain to me whilst it may sound a tad dated or particularly belonging to it's time but why didn't this guy become more widely known? Sterling stuff . . . . . love it

Andy at Plain & Fancy here

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