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Friday, April 20, 2018

Oh you knew it didn't you!? Poser par excellence, I bought this when it came out and was fascinated . . . . .for some reason it also always reminds me of William Seward Burroughs' reading 'Sharky's Night' too . . . . . . in terms of weird singles in the Swappers vaults (over in the East wing, past the ha-ha round the corner by the dungeon) . . . . .
(top is prolly a Moondog single! Go figure as they say - did they really think it would chart?)
On this day in music history: April 19, 1982 - “Big Science”, the debut album by Laurie Anderson is released. Produced by Laurie Anderson and Roma Baran, it is recorded at The Lobby and The Hit Factory in New York City From Late 1981 - Early 1982. After being a staple on the New York avant-garde art and music scene since the 70’s, Laurie Anderson is signed to Warner Bros Records in 1981. The label sign her on the strength of the track “O Superman” which is originally released on music archivist B. George’s One Ten Records. The first release from the avant-garde musician/performance artist is a selection of tracks from her eight hour long stage production “United States Live”, later released as a five LP box set and book. The half sung/half spoken word piece “O Superman” becomes a surprise hit in the UK, reaching #2 on the singles chart. A number of tracks from the album is sampled by hip hop artists such as Cut Chemist, Cannibal Ox, cLOUDDEAD, and Mr. Lif. Originally released on CD in 1984, Anderson’s album is remastered and reissued in 2007 on WMG subsidiary Nonesuch Records. The CD reissue comes with enhanced content, including an mp3 of “Walk The Dog” and the music video of “O Superman”. “Big Science” peaks at number one hundred twenty four on the Billboard Top 200, and number twenty nine on the UK album chart.

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