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Thursday, April 26, 2018

T'internet is a wonderful place but it has pictures posted now that give no credit to their source and it frustrates the hell out of me. People especially on Pinterest  misquote, miscredit and put images that are just plain uncredited with no attempt toward copyright and Tumblr is just as bad . . . . . . . . 

I found this image this morning which haunts me and it was coupled with a quote from Baudelaire from the Flowers of Evil who and which  I love and yet . . . . . no credit as to artist or to why it was posted. . . . it is beautiful though.

Ma se, senza lasciarti irretire, sai calare negli abissi, leggimi:imparerai ad amarmi.

Charles Baudelaire

which I might translate as:

But if, without being ensnared, you can descend into the abyss, read me: 
you will learn to love me ... "

Charles Baudelaire

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