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Monday, June 04, 2018

I think I have mentioned before that this was the last Pink Floyd album I actually bought . . mourning the loss of Syd* who had wandered off somewhere (metaphorically speaking if not literally) and the unbearable ersatz doggerel of Waters' 'The Wall', indeed every contribution he made really, put me right off from Dark Side onwards & proved too much for this listener . . . . . . ."I know a mouse, and he hasn't got a house.
I don't know why. I call him Gerald."

On this day in music history: June 3, 1972 - “Obscured By Clouds”, the seventh studio album by Pink Floyd is released. Produced by Pink Floyd, it is recorded at the Château d'Hérouville, Hérouville in Île-de-France, France from February 23 - 29 and March 23 - 27, 1972. The album features music (six tracks with vocals and four instrumentals) from the soundtrack of director Barbet Schroeder’s (“Single White Female”) film “La Vallée” (“The Valley”). It is the bands’ second collaboration with the French film director, having composed the music for his 1969 film “More”. Pink Floyd will record “Clouds” just prior to the sessions for their next studio album “The Dark Side Of The Moon” at Abbey Road Studios in London beginning in June. Working under a tight schedule, the band complete the recording of their film score in just two weeks of studio time, following Schroeder’s rough cut of the film to create specific music cues and interludes. The albums’ enigmatic cover art (designed by regular graphic collaborators Hipgnosis) features a deeply out of focus photo of a man sitting in a tree. Remastered and reissued various times since making its CD debut in 1986, it is most recently reissued in 2011. The vinyl LP, out of print since 1990, is remastered and reissued as a 180 gram LP in 2016. The album packaging replicates the original UK cover artwork, with the LP jacket having rounded die cut corners and the original hype sticker spotlighting the film. “Obscured By Clouds” peaks at number six on the UK album chart and number forty six on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

* quite why Syd should be featured here on the visuals is beyond me and smacks of cashing in,well sort of some how the only truly original songwriter on the band and close friend Gilmour was to discover to his cost quite how egotistical his bass player could be. 

'We don't need no education' . . . . . .EXACTLY! English teachers everywhere must have been laughing fit to burst over this one! You most certainly do need an educayshun Roger, ! . . Indeed a double negative always cloyed for this listener and of course we all need teachers to open the mind and education is a trail I discovered with self fulfilled joy.  I am always learning not least how to not use a double negative! (sic) Dreadful pompous pontificating dross! Dave, Nick and Rick not so much, pity they didn't sack him years earlier

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