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Friday, June 29, 2018

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"In Nice with his trotters up, yeah?"

Danny Dyer on Brexit.


 * DANNY DYER - you've probably watched Danny Dyer doing his Brexit talk by now but wow is he good. Always used to find Danny annoying but something has happened in the last year or two and he's worn us down with his act, and now it's just hilarious. The comic timing of the final "twat" should be studied if you want to know a thing or two about being funny.

: KINKS REFORMING  Old men rejoice
  In news that's sent men of a certain age scuttling to their mancaves to listen to their C90s, we're happy to report that North London's finest are reforming and doing a new LP. Actually we couldn't give a shit about a new LP, but we are excited by the idea of them doing some serious promo. Genuinely hope that James Corden (shut up haters) takes Ray on a little car drive around Muswell Hill, and the BBC do a Genesis-style reunion doc where they put the band in the same room and interview them together for maximum friction.
  This is the joy of old bands - the friction between them is hugely relatable as, like us all, they are stuck with these people like members of family. And unlike Chas and Dave, Ray and Dave ARE actual family.
  And to warm you up, this Channel 4 interview with Ray is OK - although a bit unsettling as he keeps staring directly at the camera.

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