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Monday, June 04, 2018

Lovely set this morning from Neil Hannon a.k.a. The Divine Comedy over at Big O
I have prolly mentioned elsewhere I was introduced to Neil's work by bookseller and colleague and all round QofE (Queen of Everything) Sharon Murray (amongst others - Pulp for example) for which I am eternally grateful. The notes say he has released 11 albums and I was going to say I have pretty much everything he released but if it's eleven I am going to have to check in the vaults! That's some output and frankly he never disappoints but I don't think I have eleven albums. 
This is a curio in that it is the missing legendary instrumental versions promo of his work which given he is a lyricist and writer of intelligence and wit is something of a puzzle but it is worth saying he is also a unique musician and composer too. Enjoy!

Neil Hannon - at Big O

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