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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Well here's a treat for a sunny Saturday here in the shires . . . . . . my brother bought an album in 1965 on the Columbia label that changed the way I listened to music . . . . . . it was called 'The Most of The Animals' I dug it the MOST! I was 12 . . . . . I think I have said before but having a brother who was really into a varied range of music meant that by the time I was 13 I was buying my own records of Big Bill Broonzy, Josh White, Leadbelly, Jimmy Reed, Chris Farlowe and others. Walking the streets of my little southern village singing 'Goodnight Irene' at the top of my lungs! This band covering blues classics is largely why. Give me a shot of Rhythm and Blues!

Big O have given us a rare treat from the BBC archives from which I don't believe we have had ANY 'Animals' material but if this is anything to go by they should, they really REALLY should release loads of this. Fine quality and this band paid its dues a long time back and all could REALLY play the heck outa the R'n'B sound. If I had formed a band this is what we would have played and no mistake!

I have a question which I may Google and get to back to you on but they change the lyric here of 'Gonna Send You back To Georgia' to 'Gonna Send you Back to Walker' anyone know why? Exactly the same arrangement from live in the studio here to the album but the city is changed . . . . . . 

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