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Friday, September 07, 2012

Well this my take me a while.......I have come off my beloved scooter and would just like to send this brief acknowledgement of my friends who have been in touch and the fine fine people working in the local John Radcliffe Hospital Trauma department Thanks guys! and yes I am typing this with fractures in both hands, cracked ribs, cracked thumbs cracked sacrum and cracked pelvis and all in all feeling pretty CRACKED (nothing new there then ED) Thanks for all your good vibes people and here's a suitable song to be going on with a favourite from a favourite band....... ....up date: why Thanks Dave Sealyman for dropping by and 'Daft Bugger' indeedily doodily, I'll have you know I resemble that remark! ...........Oh, BTW nearly forgot! Anyone checked the entire album stream of the NEW Bobby Zee album? It's a doozie! Available over on iTunes NOW! Duquesne Whistle could have been released in the 1940'2 or last week! LOVE IT!