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Sunday, December 23, 2012


Ok OK, so its that time again and this year is no exception in terms of celebrating our inability to count (sic!) the Swappers Winter Hamper and all its glorious contents 80, THAT'S EIGHTY Seasonal Tracks fer yew. Now I don't know about you but I have posted these in my Dropbox so drop by and see (ha haaar).....I don't know about dropbox and it's availablity but I think you can play them as the copyright issue surely makes it unreasonable to download?!
But have a go and see......its a great selection from Bob Dylan to Kate Rusby, John Fahey to Mike Heron (yes yes I KNOW it's the Feast if Stephen AGAIN but I adore it and it is my favourite song of the season...... ) Enjoy! And remember, go buy the albums after you have found something you like......you know it makes sense and is the ENTIRE purpose of my sharing any music anywhere, now then or in the future!  So to all you file sharing sites who booted me off this year and to the Forums who castigated my use of language and saw fit to banish me to the outer nether regions of t'Interwebnetdom. here's my annual message from Castle Keep chez Swappers Mansions

Merry Wassnames and A Happy New Thingummy!

 and Stay Cool Won't you!?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

R.I.P  Ed Cassidy

On December 6, 2012, (drummer) Ed Cassidy, one of the founding members of Spirit, died of cancer in San Jose, CA at the age of 89. And with his passing, the group has formally entered the history books. Randy California had drowned in 1997. California had legally acquired the band name Spirit in 1974 and he and stepfather Cassidy had stuck together till his death. Drummer for The Rising Sons with Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder his roots were in Jazz and had played in bands all over until he split to form Spirit

I grew up on the 'Rock Machine Turns You On' compilations and it had Spirit and Moby Grape on and the songs  'Fresh Garbage' and 'I Gotta Line On You' were amongst my favourites in my youth!
Weirdly somehow they played the basement of a local pub the Penny Farthing near to MOMAO when I worked there years ago now and we went across and enjoyed the set....it being great if extremely odd, to see them all still going........

I Got a Line on You......................... Big O has a set here SPIRIT- Cooper River Park Be-In, Camden NJ 1990

Check the drumming on these two versions........ Fresh Garbage from 1984
Can ya dig it? I think you can........... Purists like me want the original? Oh Ok then.........takes me right back flashback! I loved him cos anyone with the name Cassidy was cool and I always assumed that he was a relative of Neil and Jack.....and in a way he was......Rest In Peace Ed

Monday, December 10, 2012


Now here's a turn up for the books . . . . .a Van the Man boot and an interview in relation to the new album 'Born to Sing/No Plan B' we don't see enough of the man bootwise......but this is interesting for the interview alone! When DID you last read an interview!????

Van Morrison World Exclusive: In his most revealing interview ever the legend opens his heart to John Bennett 

Wunderful stuff . . . . . Get the album here . . .

Thursday, December 06, 2012

 The Groobin' Stooves - 2nd Night in London

 From Big O (where else? ED)
The Rolling Stones - O2 Arena 2nd Night 

Better than the first night I reckon but you tell me . . . . . . . . .!?

Dear friend,

As a therapist and member of the BACP, I am extremely concerned about recent events and developments regarding 'gay cures' so called and especially their effect on my profession. I just signed a petition to put a stop to phony gay "cures" happening right now in Australia and the UK - as part of a global tour of treatment sessions.

This has to stop. These gay "cures" are extremely dangerous and so damaging it drives many to self-harm and even suicide. The governments of France and Argentina have already taken action as part of this campaign. There are sessions planned in 8 more countries, including Australia and the UK. But we can stop this awful practice. 

The next session is starting on Sunday, there is no time to lose. Will you sign this petition to stop gay "cures" now?