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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Today I are mostly liking .....

Amy MacDonald

 Class act, finely executed 'pop' and she's only 22........I like her

get her new album ' Life In A Beautiful Light' here........

In the spirit of uproarious drunken nonsense and fine fine rock n roll here's a coupla links to


I hitch-hiked up to Leicester Polytechnic in the early 70's to see these guys and had a glorious time. Rodney and the boys came on to his introduction of "Ladies and Gentlemen, Matteus Rose Limited!" This was also when he was introducing their wonderful version of McCartney's 'Maybe I'm Amazed' with the obligatory "Here's a number, you may not know it and if you don't know it, I really don't know where ya bin!" Happy drunken days! Ah, we were young............Catch these two fine sets from the ubiquitous Big O while you can....

The Faces - That's All You Need

Compilation of BBC recordings from 1971 to 1973. Very good to excellent radio broadcast.
The artwork says “Recorded Live 1973″ but, according to socialmusic.fm, “this is actually a compilation of BBC recordings made from 1971-1973. April 5, 1973 is probably the date this compilation was broadcast. I believe most, or all, of this was recorded at the Paris Theatre.”

....and from 1970
The Faces - In Concert 1970 compilation

In Concert 1970 Compilation [no label, 2CD]
Mostly stereo mixing desk recordings and high quality audience recordings. Fan compilation by Stranger009. Great sound.
“My aim here was to collect the best quality performances from the 1970 shows by The Faces.
“Sound quality was important, as while there are some great audience recordings from this time, the mixing desk recordings and high quality audience recordings (for example San Francisco May 9, 1970) I’ve worked with here put those mostly firmly in the shade.
“For those who need to know the details I have described the work I carried out: both Miami and Boston 1970 had Rod’s voice firmly in the right channel, and through trial and error I found a way to correct that convincingly (have a listen to the end results).” - Stranger009
The artwork has all the text supplied by Stranger009 when he shared this at DIME. This was put together in the hope that Rod Stewart would reunite some day with the remaining Faces for a couple of gigs. It was shared in January of 2012 but the hoped for reunion of the band at this year’s Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Awards never materialized. Some fans have suggested the reason was because Stewart no longer can sing “rock” songs. In 2000, Stewart went for surgery for his thyroid cancer. Stewart then concentrated on singing standards and has released a number of volumes of Great American Songbook. He did step out to make one “rock” album, Still The Same… Great Rock Classics Of Our Time in 2006. None of the songs covered could be termed “rockers”.

So I suggest you put on your velvet loon pants, stack heeled boots and a feather boa round your neck and can even feather cut your hair and loon round the garden staggering past the gazebo with a bottle of wine and sing along to happier times!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Well, when I say final FINAL word...........

So the panjandrums can't stop me from sharing OTHER peoples links and stuff......well not yet anyways
So here's a treat for all my readers (Oh come on! just stop it now! ED) for you see it's ALL about the music.........Big O, my favourite blog for mewsic, has posted a coupla fine, fine Neil Young & Crazy Horse sets from earlier this month! 

and what's more they then post the second night set too...............

They are really worth getting for those Ol' Shaky fans who drop by...........(Who isn't? ED)

The first night includes a nearly 25 minute version of 'Walk Like a Giant'! For those not familiar with the reformation of Crazy Horse and who like me bought those early albums, this is a real treat. Awesome (sorry) explosive guitar and that sound is uniquely wonderful.
Enjoy! I know I did.......

P.S. and remember they won't stay up for long.....and if you are relying on me to have them up on filesharing sites remember I have been booted off (Funneeeee! ED) so you won't be able to get them from me even if you email me.....ya get me?

All right, I’ll leave you here
But you’d better hurry up and choose which of those bills you want
Before they all disappear”.....

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


OK people........it's a sad day but I have had all my file links forbidden, banned and have been kicked off both Mediafire and 4Shared and there are now NO LINKS to file sharing sites on here....I will leave much of the written word for the moment until I decide what to do about it but suffice to say this looks like the end for filesharing from Swappers Mansions. I have enjoyed contact from you all but this looks like going back to literally........ the blog nobody reads......

End of Days

Once again and finally to reiterate there are no links to bootlegs on this site anymore and therfore there is nothing illegal available here,

'What a long strange trip its' been'...........'this is the strangest life I've ever known'.........

Stay cool won't you?!............

Over and out................Swappers

Saturday, August 04, 2012



So 4shared have banned me completely
 I should perhaps comment here that I have been reported by 'multiple' people to 4Shared for sharing 'illegal or abusive material' I HAVE NOT shared abusive material nor do I consider the sharing I have done as being illegal as they are all still in the public domain. ALL of the items I have offered here are STILL FREELY available on the internet and I have merely put together links and shared files I have taken from other sites. I would also like to point out that whenever I have posted something that someone finds some kind of infringement I have REMOVED said item IMMEDIATELY so kicking me off a poor quality clunky file sharing site is by pathetic, mealy mouthed, small minded hypocrites and not in keeping with the spirit of the internet, which was designed for the FREE sharing of information.