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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ennio Morricone - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

back in the day (as they say, somewhat irritatingly if I may say - "So why did you say it?" ED)  . . . . . Back when film 'The Good The Bad and The Ugly' came out lots of Mods loved this soundtrack so much it was a sudden hit and we all went round each other's houses to listen to it. So began a life long admiration for Ennio Morricone and from this to perhaps may favourite soundtrack album of all time 'Once Upon A Time In America' we adored his work. 

Ennio - legend!

A favourite song from Brian Eno . . . . . . . . . .and I will come running . . . . . . .but why are your shoe laces undone?!

On this day in music history: February 27, 1989 - “Oranges And Lemons”, the tenth album by XTC is released. Produced by Paul Fox , it is recorded at Ocean Way Studios in Los Angeles, CA in Late 1988. Under pressure from their record label to produce a hit and paired with a first time producer (who later goes on to produce The Sugarcubes, 10,000 Maniacs, Phish), sessions for the album will not always go smoothly. In spite of all this, the end result is the bands most successful album in the US, spinning off two singles including “Mayor Of Simpleton” (#1 Modern Rock) and “King For A Day” (#11 Modern Rock). The albums title is inspired by song lyric from their previous album, which in itself refers to an old English nursery rhyme. Remastered and expanded reissues of the album featuring new 5.1 surround remixes by Steven Wilson, and the original stereo on CD and blu-ray, and an audiophile LP pressing on 180g vinyl are released on Partridge’s label Ape House Records on October 30, 2015. “Oranges And Lemons” peaks at number twenty eight on the UK album chart, and number forty four on the Billboard Top 200.

thanks to Jeff Harris' blog 'Behind The Grooves'

or even 'heroin' . . . . 
On this day in music history: February 27, 1977 - Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in his hotel room in Toronto, Canada. He is charged with illegal drug possession when they find 5 grams of cocaine, 22 grams of heroin, and assorted paraphernalia. Richards is so out of it that it takes the police forty five minutes to wake him up in order to arrest him. The amount of drugs found on the musician is large enough, that he is charged with trafficking, and his bail is set at $25,000. Faced with the prospect of spending seven years in prison, the judge instead has Richards commit to performing two benefit concerts for the blind, with the charges being reduced from trafficking to “simple possession of heroin”. The suggestion for the concerts come from a young blind female fan that testifies in court on his behalf. Prior to his arrest, Richards becomes friends with the girl (who he refers to as his “Blind Angel”), having helped her get to Rolling Stones shows by arranging transportation for her. The incident in Toronto is a major catalyst in Keith Richards kicking his heroin habit for good.

thanks to the most excellent Jeff Harris' blog 'Behind The Grooves

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

You think you've read all there is to read about Jimi? Think again! This really interesting article from the legendary Aquarium Drunkard . . . . . . . . with music links too! 

Monday, February 26, 2018

I had reason to pause to post some 'Highwaymen' and especially some Waylon Jennings who my brother loved and he introduced me to,  the Highwaymen consisted of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson. 

A Waylon song will always make me think of him and especially in the thirtieth year since his passing . . . . . . . . . .miss my brother every day

  • Luckenbach, Texas (Back To The Basics Of Love)
  • Waylon Jennings

then Goodhearted Woman

  • Good Hearted Woman feat. Willie Nelson
  • Waylon Jennings
  • Greatest Hits

my favourite song by the Highwaymen of course is Cash's 'Big River' which taught me that Country n Western music could be poetry . . . . . . 


and a personal favourite written by Steve Goodman who I discovered through fellow Country star and one of Bob Dylan's favourites songwriters, John Prime . . . . .here's the Highwaymen doing 'City of New Orleans' 


here s some nice stuff over at the BB Chronicles

if you fancy some more Steve Goodman 

BB Chronicles blogspot - Steve Goodman

Also it's Johnny's birthday!

Born on this day: February 26, 1932 - Country music icon Johnny Cash (born J.R. Cash in Kingsland, AR). Happy Birthday to “The Man In Black” on what would have been his 86th Birthday.

My brother bought this album 'Live at Folsom Prison' which was my first introduction to him and I assumed every word was true, of course Johnny never did any prison time and the song about Folsom and him shooting someone 'just to watch him die' is a song and apocryphal not to say complete hooey! Still a great song tho'!

I was never a Genesis fan - they always seemed to try too hard, too self aware, too smug or middle class too knowing and too smart somehow too ex-public schoolboy . . . . . . I don't know
the best thing Peter G ever did was to leave IMHO and I followed everything he did since leaving and thought this was a song that made me sit up and take notice . . . well most of them did. Look what the band did without him!? The drummer takes over vocals, I guess he has his followers but . . . . . . . pas pour moi. That Mike and The Mechanics should do something worth listening to later, oh so much later, speaks volumes to me

On this day in music history: February 25, 1977 - “Peter Gabriel 1 (Car)”, the debut solo album by Peter Gabriel is released. Produced by Bob Ezrin, it is recorded at The Soundstage in Toronto, Canada from July 1976 - January 1977. Following his departure from Genesis in 1975, Gabriel takes an extended hiatus to spend with his family and write material for what becomes his first solo effort. The album features Gabriel backed by a group musicians that include King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp and bassist Tony Levin. The first single “Solsbury Hill” (#13 UK, #68 US Pop) is an autobiographical account of his feelings about leaving his former band Genesis. The album’s closing track “Here Comes The Flood” is later re-recorded by Gabriel in 1990 for the hits compilation “Shaking The Tree”. The album is released without a title (the first of four that are untitled), it becomes known by fans as “Car” due to the LP’s cover art that features a photograph of the back end of a car (taken by Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson of Hipgnosis) with a photo of Gabriel superimposed in the back window. First released on CD in 1987, the album is remastered and reissued in 2002. It is also reissued as a limited edition vinyl LP by audiophile label Classic Records the same year. Another limited issue released as a double vinyl set mastered at 45 RPM is issued in 2009 by Classic Records. Most recently, another double vinyl 45 RPM set is released on Gabriel’s Real World Records in 2015. “PG 1 (Car)” peaks at number seven on the UK album chart, number thirty eight on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

thanks to the most excellent Jeff Harris' blog 'Behind The Grooves
Yesterday would have been George's 75th Birthday! We miss you George! 

Born on this day: February 25, 1943 - The Beatles lead guitarist, humanitarian and philanthropist George Harrison (born at 12 Arnold Grove, Wavertree, Liverpool, UK). Happy Birthday to this rock music icon and youngest of The Beatles on what would have been his 75th Birthday.
As near perfect a song as has ever been written IMHO and here a totally astonishing live version! As we prepare for snow storms here in February we wish the sun early on it's way, "it's been a long cold lonely winter. It seems so long since it's been here" . . . . . . . 

thanks to the most excellent Jeff Harris' blog 'Behind The Grooves
Now from 'Night Tripper' (we played it ALL the time . . . . . . it's 'heavy'!) which will prolly tell you far more than you need to know . . . . . . to 'Gumbo' [perhaps my favourite Dr John album] 
I bought all the good Dr's album as and when they came out over here although I guess I might be a little out on this one UK dates and USA dates and all by the time we got this it may have been around in America for a while but that's just a hunch
Right Place, Wrong Time is a favourite song and one we can all identify with I reckon . . . he turned me on to the other music of New Orleans from the Fess (Professor Longhair Henry Roeland Byrd who I have pretty much everything by and Crawfish Fiesta is in may top THREE albums of all time!) to Allen Toussaint, Huey Lewis, The Meters, Irma Thomas, Tuts Washington, songs like Junko Partner and Staggerlee, Iko Iko and much much more besides . . . . piano maestro par excellence who only switched from guitar because someone shot him in the hand (go figure as the Merkins would say - you get shot in your guitar hand so you switch to piano which requires two! And then you become one of the best piano players on the planet!? How DOES that work?!)

Check out the Dr Mac's autobiography 'Under a Hoodoo Moon' if you what a rattling good read. It must be my only book on the shelfs here at Swappers Mansions library (it's down past the Dungeon beyond the ha-ha) that is almost entirely written in patois! You get into it and can hear Mac reading it in your head if you listen!!

On this day in music history: February 25, 1973 - “In The Right Place”, the sixth album by Dr. John is released. Produced by Allen Toussaint, it is recorded at Sea-Saint Studios in New Orleans, LA in Late 1972. After recording several acclaimed, but moderate selling albums, the New Orleans born musician and songwriter finally makes his commercial breakthrough with his sixth release. Working with legendary songwriter and musician Allen Toussaint, the producer surrounds John with a group of top notch musicians including The Meters, Ralph MacDonald, and David Spinozza. Sporting a more funk oriented sound than his previous albums, it spins off two singles including “Right Place, Wrong Time” (#9 Pop, #19 R&B) which become his most successful single. The original vinyl LP is issued in a tri-fold sleeve, that is discontinued on later pressings, reverting to a single pocket sleeve.  First reissued on CD in the mid 90’s, “Right Place” is reissued on translucent orange vinyl in 2012. Another limited LP reissue pressed on multi-colored vinyl (orange, yellow and green) is released by Rhino Records in 2015. “In The Right Place” peaks at number twenty four on the Billboard Top 200.

thanks to the most excellent Jeff Harris' blog 'Behind The Grooves

Under A Hoodoo Moon

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Of course things were actually awful back in the 'good old days' trains were smelly dirty cramped things a bit like cattle trucks and nowadays they are clean fast efficient and much more comfortable with plenty of space and room to relax on your travel

Here's an old fashioned train carriage . . . . . . . .

juss sayin' . . . . . . . 

Terribly sad and shocked to learn of the death of Emma Chambers at a mere 53, the brilliantly funny actor from Vicar of Dibley where she played the almost legendary halfwit 'Alice Tinker' who we all seem to have adored and the equally ditzy 'Honey' in Notting Hill who embarrasses herself in front of Julia Roberts' character (Richard Curtis the common denominator here you'll note)

Whenever I saw here interviewed I was always struck by how lovely she was in real life and also how pretty. Her characters seemed gormless but they were the work of a genius character actor IMHO

So sad for her husband and family friends and loved ones

The BBC had it about covered here

I was regularly humped like this by the unique & beautiful spark that was Emma Chambers. I never minded. I loved her. A lot .

she will be sorely missed . . . . .
More evidence . . . . . . (as if you need any . . . )

“She treated me more like a friend than a studio associate. Before I would go into a scene to stand in for her, she would come over and fix my hair and my clothes and she’d give me the motivation for the scene, so I would know what I was doing. She was my Paula Strasberg. She was the realest person I ever met.” -Evelyn Moriarty (stand in)

Saturday, February 24, 2018

One of the great things about my friendship with Phil [from Blackwell's[ was his encyclopaedic knowledge of music. We made mix tapes for each other regularly back before anybody called them that and largely until we met Nick Hornby and most that we exchanged had a theme that we may have been discussing that week as a subject in some form or other. I was okay at it, he was a master . . . . . . . . 

He would have approved of the website I think  . . . . . . . . . [and may still do so!?]


Sound advice in anybody's language I think you'll agree

but that they have done a mixtape for us definitely would meet with his approval!

Boiled Leather - 16 Years of Unpopular Pop

The tracklisting is here but I highly recommend you take it from Matthew Perpetua’s fluxblog.org: and read what and why he made it . . . . . . it is a thesis in and of itself that is utterly BRILLIANT! He is one of the folk involved in Buzzfeed


Scissor Sisters “Paul McCartney” / In Flagranti “Genital Blue Room” / Spektrum “Don’t Be Shy” / Goldfrapp “Ride A White Horse” / The Silures “21 Ghosts” / Basement Jaxx “Cish Cash” / Rachel Stevens “Some Girls” / Klanguage “Never Over” / Kylie Minogue “Sweet Music” / Annie “Chewing Gum” / Pleasure “Out of Love” * / Architecture in Helsinki “That Beep” / Out Hud “It’s For You” * / Matthew Dear “Don and Sherri” / Bossanova “Rare Brazil” / Enon “Daughter in the House of Fools” / Katy Rose “Rosemary” * / Fox N’ Wolf “Youth Alcoholic” / The Knife “Heartbeats” / Revl9n “Walking Machine” / AG Cook feat. Hannah Diamond “Keri Baby” / GFOTY “Don’t Wanna/Let’s Do It” / Poppy “My Style” / Grimes “Artangels” / White Hinterland “Chill and Natural” / Von Sudenfed “Fledermaus Can’t Get It” / Björk “Innocence” / Justice “DVNO” / Kate Nash “Pumpkin Soup” / Yelle “Tristesse/Joie” / Girls Aloud “Black Jacks” / Veronica Maggio “Gammal Sång” * / Kimbra “Madhouse” / Hemme Fatale “Animal Lover” * / Alphabeat “Heatwave” / Ellie Goulding “Anything Could Happen” / Sissy Wish “Float” / Fight Like Apes “Pop Itch” / Carly Rae Jepsen “Tiny Little Bows” / Brown Eyed Girls “날아갈래” / Junior Senior “We R the Handclaps” / Gameboy/Gamegirl “Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp” / Muscles “Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon, and Lime” / Crossover “Extensive Care”


Sleigh Bells “Crown on the Ground” / Maria Magdalena “CVMC (Cada Vez Mas Cerca)” / Friendly Fires “Hurting” / The Rapture “Whoo! Alright – Yeah… Uh-Huh” / M.I.A. “URAQT” / Ce’cile “Rude Bwoy Thug Life” / Redinho “Playing with Fire” / CSS “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above” / Spank Rock “Sweet Talk” / Stazi “Love Is Lethal” * / Yellow Note vs. Pukka “Naked, Drunk, and Horny” / Armand Van Helden feat. Spalding Rockwell “Hear My Name” / Cut Copy “Saturdays” / Quarks “I Walk” + / QT “Hey QT” / Peaches “Dumb Fuck” / Heloise and the Savoir Faire Dancers “Odyle” / Tracy and the Plastics “Henrietta” * / Junesex “Gets Close to Mine” / Mouse on Mars “Mine Is In Yours” / LCD Soundsystem “Yeah (Crass Version)” / Ladytron “Destroy Everything You Touch” / Of Montreal “The Party’s Crashing Us (I Am the World Trade Center Remix)” / Futon “Gay Boy” + / Dog Ruff “Jon E Storm” * / Chicks on Speed “Shick Shaving” * / Avenue D feat. Cazwell “The Sex That I Need” / Gene Serene “Electric Dreams” / Vanessinha & Alessandra “Gira” * / United State of Electronica “La Discoteca” * / Planningtorock “I Wanna Bite Ya” / Nouveau Riche “Take Me Home” * / Hilary Duff “Danger” / SEVENTEEN “Change Up” / Britney Spears “How I Roll” / MNDR “Cut Me Out” / Skrillex “Stranger” / Sophie “Lemonade” / Saint Pepsi “Better” / Sky Ferreira “I Blame Myself” / Lolita Storm “Dancing with the Ibiza Dogs” * / Chairlift “I Belong In Your Arms” / Au Revoir Simone “Through the Backyards” / La Big Vic “All That Heaven Allows” / Rework “Not Quite Like Any Other”
* = Not on either Spotify or Apple
+ = On Apple, but not Spotify
So I was just watching 'Gavin and Stacy' [there's sport on the tele!]  where Ness is giving birth to Smithie's baby and this is played throughout the episode  . . . . .whoever chose the music including the theme (about which . . . )
is a genius

Not sure what happened to Stephen Fretwell* but I really reckoned him around the time of this and have a wonderful live bootleg of him which is unique for the constant heckling, nay conversation with a drunken audience member, but this is possibly one of my favourite pieces of contemporary songwriting I have ever heard. He is a master at the anguished human condition reflection and I highly recommend all of his work to date having all the extant work available . . . . . . 

both of which are at least over ten years old I think. . . . . . . * After a google hunt Fretwell seems to have disappeared since 2014 which is always intriguing but I hope he is okay wherever he is and a talent like that shouldn't hide itself away for long . . . . . . . . . 
and also  . . . my mood today is

I miss the Captain  . . . . . . . . oh Captain my Captain  . . . . 

" . . . . . . . sorry girls!"

Friday, February 23, 2018

This . . . . . . .I miss 'Help' I need to watch it again . . . . soon and A Hard Day's Night' seems to be on all the time but we don't get to see 'Help!' very often . . . . .  

On this day in music history: February 22, 1965 - The Beatles begin principal photography on their second film “Help!” in Nassau, The Bahamas. Working once again with director Richard Lester (“A Hard Day’s Night”), the films plot (working title “Eight Arms To Hold You”) centers around a sacrificial ring that is sent to Ringo with the band being pursued by an evil eastern cult bent on either retrieving it or sacrificing the hapless drummer. Additional location shooting for the film takes place in Austria, as well as in the UK on Salisbury Plain, with the interiors being shot at Twickenham Studios in London. The comedic spoof is a huge success upon its opening in July along with its accompanying soundtrack album.

thanks to the most excellent Jeff Harris' blog 'Behind The Grooves

Thursday, February 22, 2018

As I have mentioned severally and just now, I was a massive fan of The Lovin' Spoonful at an early age. I suspect a backlash against my brother's choosing of the Beatles who finally won me over with the films and eventually Rubber Soul made me sit up and take notice but these American boys engaged the youngster and curiously this single, their biggest. was never a song that I thought was their best. I preferred, 'Nashville Cats', 'Voodooo In My Basement', 'Lovin' You' etc etc were in my opinion much much better. "Lovin' You' stands as my favourite love song of all time and is a forgotten (sic) masterpiece IMHO. 'Summer In The City too but Daydream was okay and hey it would do . . . . . . . 

On this day in music history: February 21, 1966 - “Daydream” by The Lovin’ Spoonful is released. Written by John Sebastian, it is the third single release for the pop/folk-rock band from New York City. Right on the heels of their first two singles “Do You Believe In Magic” (#9 Pop), “You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice” (#10 Pop) and their debut album, The Lovin’ Spoonful quickly follow up those hits with the first taste of their sophomore effort. Guitarist and primary lead vocalist John Sebastian draws inspiration from an unlikely place when writing the bands third single. Sebastian gets the initial idea for “Daydream” from The Supremes’ number one hit “Baby Love”, trying to figure a way to re-write that song. Born and raised in New York’s Greenwich Village, ground zero of the city’s vibrant folk music scene and blues music revival, John also draws on those influences, combining them with his innate sensibility for writing great pop melodies and hooks. After finishing the song, The Lovin’ Spoonful record “Daydream” at Bell Sound Studios in New York in late 1965. The title track of the Spoonful’s second album, it takes off immediately, becoming their biggest hit to date. Entering the Hot 100 at #76 on February 26, 1966, “Daydream” peaks at #2 on April 9, 1966. The song proves to have long lasting popularity and influence long after its run on the charts. “Daydream” provides Paul McCartney with the inspiration for writing “Good Day Sunshine”, featured on The Beatles’ masterwork “Revolver”. The Lovin’ Spoonful’s hit is widely covered by numerous artists over the years, including versions by Bobby Darin, David Cassidy, Ricky Nelson, Art Garfunkel, The Guess Who, Dino, Desi, & Billy, The Sweet, Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Maria Muldaur and Chet Atkins. The Spoonful’s original recording has been featured in movies, television shows and commercials, including a popular advertisement for Jeep Cherokee.

thanks to the most excellent Jeff Harris' blog 'Behind The Grooves 
Amongst the best concerts I ever attended largely thanks to my guitar obsessed brother Steve Swapp, I would list seeing Segovia at the Sheldonian Theatre here in Oxford  in 1974
One man elderly even then, (81 I think ) sat on a chair, a guitar and a foot stool . . . . . . . . .masterful! Transcending and never forgotten . . . . . amongst other things he played some of the great classical guitar composer Villa-Lobos which (whom?) has haunted me ever since . . . . aaah maestro!

Born on this day: February 21, 1893 - Classical guitarist virtuoso Andrés Segovia (born Andrés Segovia Torres, 1st Marquis of Salobreña in Linares, Jaén, Andalucia, Spain). Born 125 years ago today (passed on June 2, 1987 at the age of 94). Happy Birthday to this legendary master of the guitar and one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century.

There was an interesting moment way back when Nina Simone became adopted by the Mods. It was universally understood that mods searched outside the Small Faces and similar bands of their 'own' that included Jimmy Smith Jazz organ and Nina's brand of universal soul . . . . . so To Love Somebody for example became a UK hit for a while as a result . . . . . . . . . this always fascinated me

Born on this day: February 21, 1933 - Legendary singer, songwriter, pianist and activist Nina Simone (born Eunice Kathleen Waymon in Tryton, NC). Happy Birthday to the “High Priestess of Soul” on what would have been her 85th Birthday.

DENNY DOHERTY - A PAPA alone . . . . . . 

When but a stripling of 13/14 I became madly obsessed with The Lovin' Spoonful as I have mentioned earlier and the members particularly Zal Yanovsky (Eric Clapton admired him!) and John Sebastian (harpist for The Doors on occasion, friend of Dylan, opener at Woodstock . . . . .)meant a great deal to me. I researched their origins to a point and found a Marble Arch release of 'The Mugwumps' featuring early Zal, Mama Cass Elliot, Jim Hendricks and Denny Doherty. I loved that early album and here we have a follow up from the wonderful Aquarium Drunkard who have posted links about, and a track from Denny who was pressured into a record release to pay his label back for their expectations

This song here if you download or stream speaks volumes and is surprisginlyt listenable now . . . . . IMHO

Watcha gonna do? – often heard when people appear to be shit out of luck or otherwise down and out. But this time it was the title of Denny Doherty’s first solo album after The Mamas and the Papas quietly disbanded in 1968 following the release of The Papas & The Mamas. Mama Cass had found solo success with “Dream a Little Dream of Me” while Papa John released his own country rock opus John, The Wolfking of L.A. and his ex-wife (the band’s other Mama) Michelle began a successful acting career. As for Denny, he said to Rolling Stone’s Ben Fong-Torres in 1971, “I just sat around, and in the interim I got a thing from ABC/Dunhill President Jay Lasker saying I owed this amount of money for no project. So I said ‘Whatever’s right,’ and did an album.” As is the case with most cult albums, Watcha Gonna Do was recorded so the man could get his money.
Denny Doherty :: Watcha Gonna Do 

The big question though was how Denny’s robust voice would fair without his former bandmates rich harmonies? Though a Canadian native, Denny instinctively turned to an American inspiration for his solo debut – country-and-western; which by 1970 was becoming the go-to muse of rock musicians who were going back to the land and finding their roots. Gram Parsons’ famously deemed it “cosmic American music” (though he later infamously denounced country-rock as a “plastic dry-fuck”) and Denny found himself in good company amongst The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Byrds and his former partner John Phillips.
Paired with ABC/Dunhill’s staff producer Bill Szymczyk they gathered an ad-hoc group of Los Angeles’ finest studio musicians including staff writer Eddy Fischer along with Eric Hord on guitars, Gabe Lapano on piano, Bryan Garofolo on bass, Russ Kunkel on drums, and the “Big E” himself: Buddy Emmons on pedal steel. Denny’s label mate Barry McGuire sat in acoustic guitar and harp while Jimmie Haskell added accordion and string arrangements. The band was then complimented by an eight-person vocal chorus giving the group a full and rich sound on the album. Szymczyk later said of the sessions “It was almost like a Grateful Dead thing: ‘Come on, let’s all play and make a record.’

here . . . . .

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Just because . . . . . . Biograph contains some of my favourite versions of Bob's songs and yes I did manage to buy this when it came out

  • Abandoned Love
  • Bob Dylan
  • Biograph

I can see the turning of the key
I've been deceived by the clown inside of me
I thought that he was righteous but he's vain
Oh, something's a-telling me I wear the ball and chain
My patron saint is a-fighting with a ghost
He's always off somewhere when I need him most
The Spanish moon is rising on the hill
But my heart is a-tellin' me I love you still
I come back to the town from the flaming moon
I see you in the streets, I begin to swoon
I love to see you dress before the mirror
Won't you let me in your room one time before I finally disappear?
Everybody's wearing a disguise
To hide what they've got left behind their eyes
But me, I can't cover what I am
Wherever the children go I'll follow them
I march in the parade of liberty
But as long as I love you I'm not free
How long must I suffer such abuse?
Won't you let me see your smile before I turn you loose?
I've given up the game, I've got to leave
The pot of gold is only make-believe
The treasure can't be found by men who search
Whose gods are dead and whose queens are in the church
We sat in an empty theater and we kissed
I asked ya please to cross me off your list
My head tells me it's time to make a change
But my heart is telling me I love ya but you're strange
So one more time at midnight, near the wall
Take off your heavy make-up and your shawl
Won't you descend from the throne, from where you sit?
Let me feel your love one more time before I abandon it

Songwriters: Bob Dylan
Abandoned Love lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Now tell me he's not a poet . . . . . . . . . .

  • Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window
  • Bob Dylan
  • Biograph 

He sits in your room, his tomb with a fist full of tacks
Preoccupied with his vengeance
Cursin' the dead that can't answer him back
You know that he has no intentions
Of looking your way, unless it's to say
That he needs you to test his inventions
Hey, come crawl out your window
Use your hands and legs it won't ruin you
How can you say he will haunt you?
You can go back to him any time you want to
He looks so truthful, is this how he feels?
Trying to peel the moon and expose it
With his business-like anger and bloodhounds that kneel
If he needs a third eye he just grows it
He just needs you to talk or to hand him his chalk
Or pick it up after he throws it
Hey, please crawl out your window
Oh, use your hands and legs it won't ruin you
How can you say he will haunt you?
You can go back to him any time you want to
He looks so righteous while your face is so changed
As you sit on the box you keep him in
While his genocide fools and friends rearrange
Their religion of the little ten women
That backs up their views but your face is so bruised
Come on out the dark is just beginning
Hey, please come out your window
Oh, use your hands and legs it won't ruin you
How can you say he will haunt you?
When you can go back to him any time that you want to
You've got a lot of nerve to say you are my friend
If you won't come out your window
Yes, come out your window

Songwriters: B. Dylan
Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

  • You're A Big Girl Now
  • Bob Dylan
  • Biograph

Our conversation was short and sweet
It nearly swept me off my feet
And I'm back in the rain, oh
And you are on dry land
You made it there somehow
You're a big girl now
Bird on the horizon, sittin' on a fence
He's singin' his song for me at his own expense
And I'm just like that bird, oh
Singin' just for you
I hope that you can hear
Hear me singin' through these tears
Time is a jet plane, it moves too fast
Oh, but what a shame if all we've shared can't last
I can change, I swear, oh
See what you can do
I can make it through
You can make it too
Love is so simple, to quote a phrase
You've known it all the time, I'm learnin' it these days
Oh, I know where I can find you, oh
In somebody's room
It's a price I have to pay
You're a big girl all the way
A change in the weather is known to be extreme
But what's the sense of changing horses in midstream?
I'm going out of my mind, oh
With a pain that stops and starts
Like a corkscrew to my heart
Ever since we've been apart

Songwriters: Bob Dylan
You're A Big Girl Now lyrics © Bob Dylan Music Co.

  • Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine
  • Bob Dylan
  • Biograph

You say you love me
 And you’re thinkin’ of me
 But you know you could be wrong
 You say you told me
 That you wanna hold me
 But you know you’re not that strong
 I just can’t do what I done before
 I just can’t beg you anymore
 I’m gonna let you pass
 And I’ll go last
 Then time will tell just who fell
 And who’s been left behind
 When you go your way and I go mine

 You say you disturb me
 And you don’t deserve me
 But you know sometimes you lie
 You say you’re shakin’
 And you’re always achin’
 But you know how hard you try
 Sometimes it gets so hard to care
 It can’t be this way ev’rywhere
 And I’m gonna let you pass
 Yes, and I’ll go last
 Then time will tell just who fell
 And who’s been left behind
 When you go your way and I go mine

 The judge, he holds a grudge
 He’s gonna call on you
 But he’s badly built
 And he walks on stilts
 Watch out he don’t fall on you

 You say you’re sorry
 For tellin’ stories
 That you know I believe are true
 You say ya got some
 Other kinda lover
 And yes, I believe you do
 You say my kisses are not like his
 But this time I’m not gonna tell you why that is
 I’m just gonna let you pass
 Yes, and I’ll go last
 Then time will tell who fell
 And who’s been left behind
 When you go your way and I go mine

Copyright © 1966 by Dwarf Music; renewed 1994 by Dwarf Music