Four long years have passed since Molehills out of Mountains, but our new album Unsinkable Sailor is finally here. The album will be released on 22 April on CD and as a download. You can pre-order it now and get an instant download of the opening song, Hunger.

Unsinkable Sailor encompasses songs which are brand new, as old as the hills, and everything in between. Inspired in no small part by amazing women and the endurance of hope against all odds, we proudly (but with a generous splash of trepidation) present this new album to you.

Regular visitors (who are THEY then? ED.) will know I am a big fan of Wilful Missing and have collected pretty much all the music but they have been working on a new album which is announced as being out on 22 April after tantalisingly being referred as being out before Christmas and there being gigs to support it, they have finally released it out into the wild. (!)