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Friday, December 26, 2014

Bob sings Aznavour! 


found this a wandering round the t'interweb 
 Lovely song and it seemed timely and apposite
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Here's to 2015

The Times We've Known
(Charles Aznavour)

The times we've known are slipping by
Like vapour trails across the sky
The best of times, the worst of times
Have come and gone

The years of debt, the years of doubt
the years of 'what's it all about?'
Of holding fast, and holding out
And holding on

When life was hard and chances few
Still I was rich just having you
Though people said we won't go far
We went ahead and here we are

Together still through everything
Together still remembering
The times we've known

Sometimes the years were lush and green
Sometimes we lived on hope alone
A little bit of both have been
The times we've known

Some lucky flings, some rotten breaks
Some funny things, a few mistakes
The dreams that every dreamer takes
And makes his own

The time to laugh, a time to cry
A time to let the world go by
And if there were some tears to pay
No one can take those years away

On fragile wings our days have flown
Still we have things to call our own
The times we've known
The times we've known
The times we've known

Boxing Day 2014

(the Feast of St. Stephen)

The 26th of December is know in Britain as the Feast of St. Stephen, supposedly in honour of the first Christian martyr (allegedly killed in 34 A.D.).
In England this date is called Boxing Day, with offerings for the poor collected in church boxes. Gratuities are given to employees who would receive a Christmas Box or present (usually a small bonus in the wage packet) the postman or gardener or cleaning lady for their services for the previous year for the middle and upper classess.
One of my favourite Wintertime songs

 'Feast of Stephen' - Mike Heron

In Ireland it is Wren Day and "wren-boys" go from house to house, carrying a holly bush adorned with ribbons and figures of birds, and singing: 

"The wren, the wren, the king of all birds
St. Stephen's Day was caught in the furze
Although he is little, his family's great
I pray you, good landlady, give us a treat."
Wren - Andy Swapp 2012

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

 Joe Cocker  1944 - 2014

I have been reading that quite a few people, rightly perhaps, have been bemoaning the fact that in the soliloquy's to Joe Cocker's untimely passing from cancer this week journos are only really mentioning 'With a Little Help From my Friends' and quoting Ringo or Paul McCartney.
I realised this morning that I understand this and have been guilty myself saying what about his Dylan covers and looking at his back catalogue with affection and many many happy memories. ('Dear Landlord' is a personal favourite but then so are 'Feelin' Alright', 'Hitchcock Railway', 'Delta Lady' and 'The Letter' amongst many many others) Yet there is a reason that people keep mentioning this wonderful song and this below may go some way to help explain why. Joe was unique and burst upon the musical psyche of the era like a comet, that strange wonderment of a creature, who, those of us who 'got it', took immediately to our bosoms and loved within seconds of hearing this extraordinary force of nature
Here's why . . . . .
Joe Cocker and The Grease Band

'With a Little Help From My Friends' - "How it Is" 1968

R.I.P. Joe Cocker 1944 - 2014

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

T'was the Night Before Christmas

Season's Doobries and A Happy Thingummy!

Leon Redbone & Dr John - Frosty The Snowman

Bob Dylan
The Little Drummer Boy

Bob - T'was The Night Before Christmas
from Theme Time Radio Hour 2006

Monday, December 22, 2014

Wishing you all Wintry Seasonal Wassnames

Kate Rusby
'Fare Thee Well' Hootenanny with Jools Holland

Kate Rusby
The Wild Goose 

Kate Rusby - Christmas Tour

Kate Rusby - Here We Come A'Wassailing

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) 

Jan 15 1941 - Dec 17 2010

Thursday, December 04, 2014

IAN McLAGAN R.I.P. 1945-2014

Photo by  Mark Sullivan/WireImage
It is with great sadness that we note the passing of another rock and roll icon Ian McLagan. Ian was a member of The Small Faces and The Faces and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012. He died today, December 3, 2014, surrounded by family and friends in his adopted hometown of Austin, TX, due to complications from a stroke suffered the previous day. He was 69 years old… Ian’s bandmate in Small Faces and Faces, Kenny Jones, said: “I am completely devastated by this shocking news and I know this goes for Ronnie and Rod also.” - Ian McLagan.com

Itchycoo Park - The Small Faces

Lazy Sunday Afternoon - The Small Faces

Tin Soldier - Small Faces (Wth P.P.Arnold)
Happy Days Toy Town - The Small Faces (with Sir Stanley Unwin)

Sad to note that with Stevie gone and Ron too now with this the passing of Mac there is only Kenny left of the orginal line up of the Small Faces
R.I.P Mac

+ + + + +

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

BOBBY KEYS R.I.P. 1943-2014

The legendary American saxophonist Bobby Keys, who for years toured and recorded with the Rolling Stones, has died of cirrhosis at his home in Franklin, Tennessee on December 2, 2014. He was 70. This report in from Big O
"The Rolling Stones are devastated by the loss of their very dear friend and legendary saxophone player, Bobby Keys," the band said on Twitter. Keith Richards paid tribute to Keys on the Rolling Stones' Facebook page. "I have lost the largest pal in the world and I can't express the sense of sadness I feel although Bobby would tell me to cheer up," the post attributed to Richards reads. "My condolences to all that knew him and his love of music." News of Keys' death came about a month and a half after the band said he would miss the Stones' Australian and New Zealand tour dates because he was "under doctor's orders to take it a bit easy for the next month." Apart from the Stones, Keys also played on albums by The Who, Eric Clapton, Carly Simon, John Lennon, Joe Cocker and Jim Carroll, among others.
"Be sure to check out Keys' autobiography "Every Night's Saturday Night" which is a great read. Keys was born on the same day as Keith Richards and got his start playing with the likes of Buddy Holly and Bobby Vee, graduating to Joe Cocker's band before catching on with the Stones when the band was in their prime. He was arguably the most besotted individual on those early 70's Stones tours, and that's really saying something." He would still always turn out for that incredible solo on Brown Sugar whenever the Stones graced the stage and asked him for a blast (see below) - this from fellow blogger outlaw blues

The Rolling Stones and Bobby Keys 'Brown Sugar'
Remember him this way!

Lovely tribute here . . "Can't You Hear Hear Me Knocking"

R.I.P. Bobby Keys