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Monday, November 13, 2006

Early work
I had always drawn, written and painted from as early as I can remember my parent's allowed me to draw and write all over my bedroom walls, supplied me with off cuts of paper when times were hard and let me buy artist materials and sketchbooks from the earliest times possible. Here are some examples of my 'art' work

Life Room - first oil painting from life 1972 Oil on Board

First oil painting from life (detail) 1972 Banbury School of Art
Second painting from life 1972 - Oil on Board

GRADUATE WORK - Leicester 1973-1976





OXFORD WORK - 1977 onwards

Other work - when I moved back from Leicester to Oxford in 1977 to work at The Museum of Modern Art Oxford as Gallery Assistant I continued to draw and paint. I did work based on musical heroes or artists I admired some of which may be of interest here...........

Jack Kerouac (Acrylic on canvas 3'x4' - destroyed)

Jim Morrison (Acrylic and Artex on Canvas 3'x4')
Jim Morrison study for Painting (charcoal on paper 32"x 20")

Jim Morrison - (Pastel and graphite on Canvas 3'x4')

 Brian Eno (Acrylic & artex on Canvas 3'x4')

Patti Smith pastel on paper study for painting

Patti Smith study graphite on Paper A2

Portrait of Philip Burbidge (graphite & pastel on paper)

Captain Beefheart Charcoal on handmade paper 30"x 20"

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