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the main reason for my being here musically on a blog (that nobody reads?! Ed).....

Bob Dylan

Well, what DOES one say about Bob Dylan that hasn't been said elsewhere, better and in thousand upon thousand of other words? His Bobness, Zimmy, Robert Allen Zimmerman, Dylan or just plain Bob, if you Google his name then you get something like 22,000,000 results. So here's another one!

I have said elsewhere that Dylan came to my ears when my brother Steve bought the album 'The Times They Are A' Changin'' on import from the legendary local Oxford record shop Russell & Accott when it was released (1964). So keyed up was he that when it came it had a tear in the cover ( I still have it!) about the size of a florin (coupla thumbnails for those who don't remember or even know what a florin was!) Though clearly disappointed I was shocked to note he negotiated a discount from the amazing staff in that shop whereas it should have cost 32/6d he took it for 25/- shillings! I didn't know you could do that! I wouldn't have at the time wanting everything to be pristine and untouched by human hand as much as possible.

The sound of this album upon my very young ears was extraordinary, used as they were to The Beatles, The Stones, The Shadows and Gerry & The Pacemakers, the charts numbered Dusty Springfield, Gene Pitney and The Singing Nun!
This sounded different to those and don't get me wrong I loved The Beatles and The Stones (tho' they were a bit scary! I WAS only 11!)

It has haunted me every since in many ways, social commentary touching on race, poverty and injustice, When The Ship Comes In, Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll but also the bitter/sweetness of Boots of Spanish Leather indelibly imprinted forever........but the voice itself was 'strange' not like the crooners and the popstars of the day.....it gave me shivers and unique feelings still peculiar to its hearing. At that moment it was a done deal, I HAD to check out everything since that day yet notably and sadly I only got to see him perform recently at The Roundhouse concert in London in April 2009. He didn't disappoint but the crowd did and it will be forever tarnished by the yobbishness of drunken idiots picking on me and my dear friend Stephen...still that's of little interest to anyone other than us two.
I followed him resolutely ever since and like all of us fans perhaps have had periods of highs and lows moments where he continued to challenge our 'faith', Self Portrait, the born again period, 'Wiggle Wiggle' from Under a Red Sky anyone? Always something to challenge our tastes and assumptions, sometimes perverse in his challenges daring us almost to leave him be. Yet as his recently never ending tour years announces he has 'suddenly shifted gear' and upped the game with his constantly changing set list so that we follow him concert to concert to see where he will take us next via his shifting cloud of lyrical meandering through his 'back pages' and more recent ones. There's been the advert for cars, the advert for lingerie(sic!) and the wonderful Theme Time Radio Hour (which we all wish a return to when he can make it as it proved a joyous experience didactic too)

I may add more comment at some point but will cease here to introduce some of my favourite concerts. As I have mentioned I have quite a few bootlegs all told, many hundreds  by artists other than Bob (843 at last count over a year ago) but I have not included there, some several hundred Bob Boots.....I will load more as and when I am able

Enjoy.....and if you do please leave a note in the comments

Here's a real treat - THE COMPLETE UNPLUGGED CONCERT - If you have no other Bobby Boot other than this you will not have gone far wrong in my estimation! This is IT! From The Great White Wonder to this is a journey we all have taken with him.....I loved the unplugged album but this is all the missing stuff (why did they shorten this!?)Bob at his peak, or at least amongst the many, this is peerless as 'boots' go! Wonderful stuff!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Mo' Bobby...............

with cover selection

with thanks to the staggeringly brilliant Lewis & StewART

Now this post finishes with a doozie of an historical document that the DVD Film 'The Other Side of The Mirror' didn't quite cover........ALL the 63-65 Newport Festival performances by Bob are here...trouble is can't find any artwork...will update as soon as 

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Info file here 
Complete Newport
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OK here's another for a Saturday morning (19/02)! For those who may be out there who don't believe Bobby can rock n roll, boogie and bop this is truly dedicated! Check out this.............
G.E.Smith (guitar), Kenny Arranson (bass) and Christopher Parking (Drums)  in toto this is Dylan Live at The Jones Beach Theatre, Wantagh  New York City with wonderful versions of 'You're a Big Girl Now', 'Tangled up In Blue' a version of "Masters of War' driving and tight with a funk-rock beat throughout. Tight as any small band with a lead singer and guitarist (with NO harmonica here!) who is clearly enjoying himself so much like this. Astonishing and one of my favourites.........turn it up!

 I've tweaked these covers a bit so they're better here than on the download.......... 

His Bobness from the Winter Hamper - in case you missed it (how would you DO that?). Enjoy!

Zepp Osaka
Osaka, Japan
March 12, 2010

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3/ Bob Dylan - Something is Happening in Europe

 March 2011

Thursday evening............10th March
Here's the boot 'Clean Cuts' sub-titled 'Henry Porter's 115th Dream' largely rehearsals for 'Empire Burlesque' and Knocked Out Loaded' albums which I love. Yup both on 'em! Somewhat occasionally dismissed by crtics (pah! CRITICS! Ed) I bought both of these when the came out and they both contain songs that fascinate as much as any other album. From 'Precious Memories' to 'Brownsville Girl', 'Tight Connection...' to 'Dark Eyes' these albums, a year apart, have great songs within that mean a great deal to me......... A boot that has the mixes of work presumably with the production values of Sly n Robbie and is fascinating to hear certain songs in gestation as t'were. New Dansville Girl explicitly and run throughs for Driftin' Too Far From Shore, Tight Connection, Clean Cut Kid etc as well as one's that didn't make the final cut like The Very Thought Of You and Waiting to Get Beat. A 'Sick Cat production and although a tad quiet is still exceptional quality which is the point of everything I will post here. Not for completists this blog it contains boots that I feel are up to snuff and that I really really love! Enjoy

Oh you cheeky things want more?

OK well here's another of my very favourite boots which to paraphrase Rod Stewart when introducing "May Be I'm Amazed' "Here's a number, ya may not know it and if you don't know it, I really don't know where ya bin!" This is the paired down Dylan band with the now legendary G.E. Smith on geetar, Kenny Aaronson on bass and Chris Parker on drums and boy are they having a good time. This is the Good Rockin' Bobby at his best. Check out Subterranean Homesick Blues for a storming Bobby at his best if nothing else and you WILL download the rest. Sourced from anther legend, the powerhouse of boots hisself Lincoln Park Mark. REMOVED by ORDER of Web Sheriff for SONY MUSIC Special Rider 23/02/2012 - live at Fiddler's Green in Colorado on the 15th June on what was clearly a lovely sunny afternoon and this set cooks in the sun like an egg on a skillet! Can ya diggit? I think you can!

Catch ya Layda!

SATURDAY 19/03/2011 Been having trouble with Mediafire :o( but trying 4shared and apart from that, I have been working 7 days a week at the various projects around town and am tired but hey, ya gotta keep the wolf from the door (clown or otherwise) and bread n butter on the table......but lets try another Bobby beaut! This one came from Big O a coupla years ago now and is another favourite of mine from His Bobness.......

Big O said at the time

Live At The Pavillon de Paris [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Pavillon de Paris, France, July 3, 1978. An excellent audience stereo recording.
This was show 12 of the European leg of his 1978 Neverending Tour. And it’s the first of a five-night stand at the Pavillon de Paris. Clearly Dylan was straining his voice. Are we allowed to say that? Dylan has so far played 42 dates of the total of 115 shows he played in 1978.
This Paris show is said to be the best of the European leg. It has been made into a silver disc bootleg and released by Thinman as Border Beneath The Sun Vol 2. This version is the full show [as was the bootleg] taken from the master reel-to-reel tape. What a great recording this is, close to the action with not a hint of echo. Dylan is right up front and all the instruments are distinct and clear.
The fans came to hear Dylan and he didn’t disappoint. All the hits are here again but this complete show gives a better feel of the new material Dylan introduced from Street Legal. Here he offers Baby Stop Crying, Senor [Tales of Yankee Power] and introduces live for the first time True Love Tends To Forget. All the songs from this tour have a buffed and manicured sound. They sound great to be sure but there’s not a lick out of place. Hell, you can even swing and rock to Masters Of War. Is that the “Big Man” tooting in the back?
Fans and collectors of Dylan concerts had a great variety of excellent audience recordings to choose from this 1978 tour. But looking back, it would have been wiser had Dylan taken greater care of his vocal chords. Sacrifice is the code of the road. No one toiled harder than Bob Dylan.


OK seeing as how you asked so nicely here's another one!
This is from one of my distinctly favourite Bobby periods around the Empire Burlesque and Knocked Out Loaded era...not for everyone and panned occasionally by some snitty critics but I love some of the tracks around this time so here's Dylan's 'Outfidel's Intakes'

Take it easy people, but take it!

Sunday - 20/03/2011 - Oh, so it's more you are wanting (Said Yodah. Ed)

Well here's some rehearsal tapes from 1987 and yes it does include Springsteen's 'Dancing in The Dark'! which is what the boot has come to be known as, but it shows much more interest to this listener than that. I mean, Suzie Q?! ........from the tail end of the 'Christian' Bobby era there are the usual expected tracks, Serve Somebody, Covenant Woman, When You Gonna Wake Up and the usual proselytising stuff that new born zealots get excited about but check out the versions of 'Trail of The Buffalo', 'Dead Man, Dead Man', 'You're A Big Girl Now' and 'Heart of Mine'. Not to mention the versions of Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat & I'll Be Your Baby Tonight! Rehearsals feature the wonderful guitarist G.E.Smith who I know I keep banging on about but I did not know this wonderful musician before he played with Bob! You can hang anything on his work. It is not so much the playing here and as rehearsals go maybe not the MOST finished performances but to the fan the quality is exceptional and a wonder to behold.....but then I would say that wouldn't I?

One jump ahead of us as per usual.......
Here's another fine set........from the bootleg wonder that is 'Lincoln Park Mark' (a legend amongst Bobby bootleggers as far as I'm concerned) ....this from New York's Roseland Ballroom from the 19th and 20th October 1994. Great review of this boot here at Collectors Music Reviews


I know how you feel Bobby....most day's I feel like this
* . _ _ _ . * . _ _ _ . * . _ _ _ . *

Ok, let's get the weekend started here.........here's a favourite set from Dallas Texas 2008
Its His Bobness at The House of The Blues two disc special and fine fine recording
 Bobs Boots review says
"The recording is great, for the most part. The vocals are loud, but well mixed with the music. Virtually every thing a highlight, including the bonus tracks. These are the first five songs from the previous night that are not included in the Saturday night show. As for the highlights of the concert... pick a song! RDW is historic. The surprise songs LLL is sweetly sung. JLTTB is one of the best performances ever recorded. Señor is powerful, dark and menacing. Modern Times songs are as good or better than the studio versions. Listen to Freeman's solos in TIFILWY, H61R and SD among others. He's on fire! All in all, simply a great package." and also notes

 Bob and the Band had been on hiatus since October 2007. They got together in Dallas a few days before the show and had a few practices. To kick off the tour, they booked three consecutive nights at this Dallas, Texas club. It's a small venue seating about sixteen hundred people. The idea was to get the band back on stage and playing together with some paid "rehearsal time" before the tour got into full swing. Each show was sold out, and the media was not invited. Each show found Bob and the band getting progressively tighter, and this third show was best of all. Denny Freeman is on his home turf, and he's scorching out leads to beat the band. There is something about a small venue. As every performer knows, you give back what you receive from the audience. In a small venue, one is that much more in tune with the crowed, and it's far easier to give it your all. Dylan indeed does! The next day's headlines read "Demonic Dylan". Bob angrily spits out the lyrics with a venom and passion that eludes the larger venues. He sounds a bit shaky on the first song. Perhaps it's due to the fact that a woman jumped on stage in front of him just before he began. He quickly recovers, however, and the audience holds on for the ride of their life.

....the band is cooking over a flambe cajun dish and chilly pepper HOT! 

Check out "the Levee Gonna Break" if you don't believe me..........
get outta that chair n boogie roun' the room! I know I did!

with a selection of covers.....Gee, ain't I good to you? (Who ARE you talking to? Ed)

Its Friday April 1st so we'll add an extra bit n piece......here's another of my very favourite Bobby boots and this is from Irving Plaza, New York 1997. The work on the tracks like 'Don't Think Twice...' and 'Tangled up in...' is wonderful and his song choice extraordinary to these ears - he includes 'Love Sick', 'White Dove', 'Can't Wait' and one of my all time favourite songs of his, 'To Ramona' which is just such a fascinating selection from the Bobbyness songlist....known as Tonight I'll Be Playing Here For You, this boot is a must have...........
Again great quality too ( as is everything I post I reckon...recording quality being my one criteria for posting here) The Wonderful 'Bob's Boots' rates this a TEN Star recording and says "This incredible soundboard recording will blow you away. It is pure perfection, and would be an asset to the Sony - Dylan arsenal to be released as a live LP just as is. Consider it, Sony. No production costs. No studio remix time. No mastering expenses ... just copy this CD and release it!!! It's that good! The performance is as breathtaking as the sound quality. The band is tight, and Dylan is on! The insert includes a replica of the show poster. Highest recommendation." Nuff said......

Here's  an early week addition........dedicated to my virtual pal in Raleigh, USA this one's for  you, Pen!

favourite shot of them both...hilarious!

and just in case she's got it, we'll try another quality Bobby performance the legendary bootleg that is the Supper Club gig
Anticipating the question, which version is this? I have shared here the Genuine Supper Club boot leg of which Bob's Boots says

"The Genuine Supper Club Soundboards series presents the legendary 1993 shows in incredible quality. It simply can't get much better than this. The claim is that it is soundboard. While indeed it seems to be, there is also the perfect blend of in-between song audience. It's as if the audience were recorded and mixed in for an official live release. This could be due to the small venue, but small venues many times create other sonic problems for a soundboard recording that are not present here. Simply put, this is the perfect live recording. It would be good enough for official release with only a few minor studio touch ups required. The covers are printed on high gloss heavy stock photo paper. They are sharp with nice images and crisp, clean fonts. The biggest let down with them is that all titles include this same identical layout cover with only a change of date and set list to differentiate them. There is an abbreviated intro to this show of only "Good evening ladies and gentlemen". The band then kicks off before more can be said. The instruments are well mixed and the vocals are sharp and way up front. Bob's voice is strong. All songs  are equally well performed, and there doesn't seem to be a particular song that stands out above the rest. If highlights must be chosen, however, this version of Tight Connection To My Heart and My Back Pages works very well, and this is the live debut of Blood in My Eyes. The biggest highlight of all, though, has to be hearing the entire show performed acoustic with the band. A must have performance in every sense of the word.

Technical note:
This show circulates among CDr collectors in various degrees of quality from a fair audience recording to soundboard quality with gaps and/or between song noise. This Genuine Soundboards release is by far the superior release. Every song is available for random access with your CD player, however the entire show flows perfectly as a disc at once type recording with no noise and no between song gaps or edits in the audience applause. This series has but three releases. The early show from the 17th has never been made available in this quality"

Interestingly I have different covers than Bob's Boots for this little collection and yet I am certain it is the soundboard quality one. Bob's voice here can sound a tad rough around the edges at the start of the first set but he warms up quickly and holds notes like he hadn't for a long while and sings with a clear strength and joy and the band and he are on fire throughout, he sounds relaxed and enjoying himself...heck he's playing guitar and harmonica and at times the banjo kicks in too...........What's not to enjoy?!

N.B actually I have just been back and checked.......and people this IS the dog's cajones! I dedicate this soundboard recording and the track here of 'Forever Young' to all my true friends with an especial shout out to Pen and Dave 'Sealyman' Seal.......put on 'Absolutely Sweet Marie' immediatement and whirl around the room with one hand waving free............. 
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Now it seems Dave my friend has had the last postings of His Bobness so I 'll have another go, drag myself out of the sickbed into the dayroom and after a bowl of broth and having treacle and brown paper stuck to me chest, forehead rubbed with goose fat, settle down to try to find some Bobby he ain't got (not an easy task at the best of times but with a stinker of a cold almost impossible.....Have you tried asking him? Ed.......well no, that's part of the fun!) 

Here's a nice 'little' set from the Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit concert of '88 - some 5 songs from Bobby notable mostly for his song choice and delivery. Always trying to throw us a curved ball, here he excells and this is really worth having despite it's brevity with my favourite Jesse Fuller song 'San Francisco Bay Blues', 'Gates of Eden' and 'Girl of The North Country' wonderful stuff.....

Here's another nice little curio someone has put together a compilation of Bob's TV appearances selected for quality rather than chronology I would say.......

This would appear to be Vol 2 1993 -1997 and I can't find Vol 1 down here in the dungeon but will update it when I can find it......it is most enjoyable..........................varied but enjoyable.

No. 1 in a series of Bobby smiling!

Nothing to do but sleep and listen to Bobby.....trying to find something Dave 'Sealyman' Seal won't have. hasn't got or ....blurble blurble mutter snuff mutter schnurfle gack.....
here's a nice set from New Jersey.............'88

Another fine fine set from  the legendary Lincoln Park Mark. I LOVE this boot!
To finish off today's posts here's a contemporary set from the Never Ending Tour (how DOES he DO that?) from Japan. Now it is worth noting here that this is an audience recording (sic!) and as it goies I don't usually post these - something about the irritating modern habit of eeejits talking ALL the way through a Dylan gig and shouting out the star's name (what do you think we don't know who we';ve come to see, do you think Bob needs reminding of his nom-du-guerre, do you think no-one knows you are at a Dylan concert?.......) I am astonished that in many modern day recordings you can variously hear people talking about the cheese they've brought with them and not going with the Chateau Neuf Du Pap! Tone deaf mouth breathing trolls singing along, or people plainly not there to actually listen....) I guess I am of the generation that gave respect for the artist performing and wanted to actually HEAR what he had to sing to us. I understood Ravi Shankar's request during his musical performances that people refrain from smoking let alone shouting out vagaries, idiotic song requests and the abilty to name the person we had come to see and other such nonsense but hey I digress (curmudgeon by name..........)

This is a breathtaking two night concert at Nagoya in Japan and the Japanese clearly have the technology to make this 'audience recording sound like you are stood there!

No 2 in a series of Bobby smiling..... :o)

 ^*^ _ _ _ ^*^ _ _ _ ^*^ _ _ _ ^*^

I am going to shortly be posting three (yus three!) versions of the performance from the Roundhouse London in 2009 if only because I was there.........first time I can recall seeing Bobby and yet marred by idiots threatening me and my pal Steve. Didn't QUITE expect drunken yobbos to be present at a Dylan gig and it scarred the experience for me (and my pal Stephen more so perhaps as being told that someone wanted to "bite your face off" wasn't exactly in keeping with the ambiance!) but hey, there you go and the set was fantastic. It was billed as a one off for fans of the website I think and certainly it was a late addition to the itinerary so we were keyed up to think it might have been substantively different from the tour dates preceding it. An acoustic set, we wondered...a different line up maybe......as it was it pretty much your standard ranch stash...er,.......that is to say fairly in keeping with dates either side of this. And none the worst for that. 
Obviously I wanted to find a good recording of the night and it was available almost with 12 hours of occurring. There is something quite set about the soundboard recordings of this phase of the 'never ending tour. and that is that they are all really bass heavy, vocals mixed down for these ears and hence I am uploading three versions. The matrix third version seems to be the one I play the most and matrix recordings intrigue me (the whole soundboard engineer availability stuff intrigues me coming from the generation that expected bootlegs to be pressed on dinner plate weight size vinyl several decades after the event so the wonderful site over in the Netherlands that seems to be able to make available every tour date of these past years within hours of their taking place never ceases to astonish me......)
Watch this space...............I'm going back to bed now.....schniffle schnozzle burp fraschle mazzle frashz.......aaaa...AAAAAA....CHOO!

 ^*^ _ _ _ ^*^ _ _ _ ^*^ _ _ _ ^*^

Well nearly back in the land of the living......so we'll post a couple of Dylan favourites. The Basement tapes is really important to me and the logo at the bottom of this indicates why. The first real bootleg IO bought over in Holland was the Little White Wonder...which I loved not least because of the artwork and the jokes around the Nederlands pronunciation ("The Bent" etc) So I dedicate this one to all my brother's Steve's friends over in Holland (Ike, Lineka, Freddy, Jaap and Jan who was a special friend to my wife and I...) Here is as complete a set of The Basement Tapes as I have ever found and the uality is and was unexpectedly brilliant. If somehow you happen to be a Dylan fan and don't have this you are in for a real treat. 

One of the great joys of bootleg exploration indeedie doodlie..............

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Couple more this bright Sunday morning......Here's a labour of love. 'Naughty Dog' have come up with a brilliant recreation of the Great White Wonder bootleg by again another bootleg legand the collector Philip Cohen
and another lovely set from Bob and The Grateful Dead previously unreleased material from around the time of their working together.......this is a great treat for a mellow Sunday

Just time for a couple more before the weekend closes. Tex-Mex Bobby anyone? Here's the set of two discs of his coupling up* with Doug Sahm. Now I love Tex-mex music but somehow Doug Sahm has escaped my attention in the vaults and I have none knocking around the dungeons, but this is a treat. It is as I hope all my readers (OK, OK maybe just maybe you're starting to get a couple......Ed) will appreciate in a long line of boots that is for the discerning rather than the completist. I only post boots that meet my criteria for quality.....otherwise quite frankly what's the point?
I have enjoyed listening to the 'Basement.....' versions today and the frankly fine set from Beijing (thanks again, Dan!) despite the fuss and hullabaloo about what Bob hasn't said or sung........if you wait for him to do what you want or be predictable, you have a long long wait my friends......but to devote pages of the newsmedia to the fact he hasn't said something nor leapt to the defence of Chinese artist Ai Wei-wei is frankly bizarre.  Only Bob could wind up being castigated for not saying something it seems to me. He is Bob Dylan and whether debating his ads for Victoria's Secret or American cars, he will say or sing what he wants to and the fact you haven't learned that by now is astonishing but I suppose it sells some papers........blah blah blurgle blargle schmurgle schmoofe...............She's About A Mover!

Q - "Are there any young folksingers you recommend we hear?"
Dylan - "I'm glad you asked that.....Oh, yeah, there's the Sir Douglas Quintet...." 
San Francisco 1965

*I should maybe point out that these are not all songs by the two of the them but versions of them playing together and doing each other's songs at a variety of places.....it's as eccentric a collection as you're likely to meet but hey, none the worse for that, all I know its sure as heck is a whole bunch of fun!
Which for me, IS the point!                                                                                  
       Heck it's even got Flaco Jimenez on it!
TURN IT UP! Dance round the living room ...with one hand waving free!

96 Tears, people! Wooly Bully!

+_+ ^*^ _+_+_ ^*^ _+_+_ ^*^ _+_+_ ^*^+_+

We'll give some others a try this Friday morning in the hope of getting your weekend started with some prime Bobby concerts..........still, think of the effort crawling from my sickbed and down the Great Hall sneaking passed the servants with their endless broth and goose grease, across the landing and down into the walled garden, through the maze, past the gazebo and eventually entering the folly through the holly bush's secret door and edging past the ha-ha into the dungeon & the vaults just to bring you this! Don't say I don't love you!

Here's His Bobness in Texas - 1995

Covers from Tiny Montgomery courtesy of Bobs Boots who say - Review: 
By: Tiny Montgomery
Thinman has a good release with this new double CD set. This is a witty, enlightened name for the title considering the venue. The show is quite good, and the recording is very impressive.... especially when considering that the now defunct venue was a crowded barn-like warehouse. Thinman continues to stumble over that garish line as far as the cover artwork and fonts are concerned, but those same images seem to come off as slick on the discs themselves. One thoughtful note is the inclusion of a very appropriate review on the inside of the insert.

They rate it an '8' star
The line up at this venue was:

Bob Dylan - vocal & guitar
Bucky Baxter
- pedal steel & electric slide guitars
John Jackson
- guitar
Tony Garnier
- bass
Winston Watson
drums & percussion

Tangled Up In Blue
Boots Of Spanish Leather
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
It Ain't Me, Babe
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35- Bob on acoustic with the bandBob on harp on It Ain't Me Babe
John Jackson backup vocal on Alabama Getaway

Fine, fine set for me and a favourite (as is everything I post here.......)

This one goes really well with the Outfidels Intakes I posted earlier on and up the page. Known as the 60 minute tape, it's notable for it's inclusion of tracks not available elsewhere.....like 'Julius & Ethel', 'This Was My Love' and versions of Johnny Cash's rockabilly classic 'Straight A's in Love' which are brilliant

Also here's a set from Oakes Garden, Niagra Falls, Canada that's really worth a listen and curiously for once is not listed on Bob's Boots (huh? How is THAT possible? ED) So no covers for this one either....you'll have to make do with text from me and maybe I'll make you another cover is anyone asks me nicely or I even get any feedback on the ones I have made you thus far (Who ARE you talking to? ED)
Artwise you'll have to make do with this picture of Bob and Sara and if that's not a picture of a couple in love then I don't know what is! I love this shot....................

Bob N Sara at Niagra Falls
Here's a nice one! A favourite set from last year Ljubljana, no covers I'm afraid but its worth a listen, Bob is on fine form and the vocals are amongst his best of late on the recent Never Ending Tour, he actually sounds like he's really enjoying himself!

Bob At Ljubljana 2010 copyright Savič Domen- (check out his Flickr page)

with Suze... (Suze Rotolo: November 20, 1943 – February 25, 2011)

Wossat, our Paul? Fab, gear new album, our John......
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In salutation to the Triduum 'Pascha' and the Goddess of the Dawn, Ostara, I thought I would revisit and post some older earlier Dylan. My wife Dawn loves early Dylan and like my friend Dave (who freakishly has a lovely wife called Dawn also.......sic) almost exclusively earlier rather than more recent ventures and the croakier never ending tour Dylan especially.......so this is for them (Dave will have it tho! ED.......that's not THE point!)

Here's the Carnegie Chapter Hall concert from 1961....when I didn't even know what was cooking across the pond....................but something was happening wasn't it?


Bob Dylan - Manchester Free Trade Hall May 7th 1965

 and from the following year......in Australia

 sorry guys and thanks Johan.......temporarily lost this file and its posted on mediafile is a dupe of vol 1
....am searching for it.............down in the vaults.....can't find it for the moment must be on a external hard drive...........

Enjoy! Happy Eostre!            (...........but they've got them ALL!  ED......I don't CARE! They can enjoy them anyway!)

   ^*^ _ _ _ ^*^ _ _ _ ^*^ _ _ _ ^*^

24th May 2011
Happy 70th Birthday Bob! 

Here's a storming set from Fort Worth TEXAS.......enjoy His Bobness at his best people..........................otherwise known as "Hold The Fort.....Lock Up The Warehouse" ....huh?

an additional curio this next one.....the 'Masked & Anonymous Soundtrack" except that it's not.....well it is........not the official one you understand but all the bits missing from the official soundtrack.....mixed quality but worth a try as it has some wonderful bits & pieces

P.S. I thought the film was great .....but hey........what do I know?

Here's one of my favourites and I don't generally do compilations but StewART does some of the best Bobby CD covers for boots I have come across and I LOVE them.....they did covers for ALL the Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour broadcasts for example. This is StewART's best of Bobby live in 2009. It's FAB! 
Here's some info about to whet your whistle......I should add, I hadn't really got into Matrix mixes until fairly late and these are proof if any were needed that it blends two sound sources together perfectly. . .  there have been some great ones knocking around and I heartilly recommend them, not the live show in the 'real' sense I guess but as constructs of the best of soundboards and blended with audience recordings they WORK!

 _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
Something of an exception here in that I thought I would make available the BBC Radio 2 Bob Harris programme called 'Dylan's Women' broadcast around the time of his 70th birthday earlier in the year -  it's intriguing and has a theme that I guess has fascinated all fans of His Bobness...this is a fairly straightforward and simple look at songs and their female fluences but none the less interesting and worth a listen for all that
 (just a note that this appears to no longer be available for download or listening at the Beeb and if they wish me to take it down I will begrudgingly....:o)
Don't quite know why I am posting this next one either really but forgiveness is a great virtue...here is (are ED) the Bob Dylan Legacy Podcasts in their entirety narrated by Patti Smith and edited (a little) by me to get rid of some of the more irritating advert links....this is still very much available over at the Legacy Podcasts site and again if they wish me to take it down I am happy to do so - I post it here merely for those who may have missed it elsewhere and would like it in one fell swoop! (What IS a 'fell swoop')

Can you dig it? I think you can.........peace out

No 137 in a series of Bobbie smiling......here with Joanie
who says he didn't have a relationship with Mary Travers?


For John 
(Rest in Peace)

REMOVED by ORDER of Web Sheriff for SONY MUSIC Special Rider 23/02/2012

Two legendary concerts from 1963 and available in all sorts of formats elsewhere but here together and worth enjoying if you don't already have them?!

Bob Dylan
The Basement of Gerde's Folk City
New York City, New York
February 8, 1963

1. Lonesome River Edge
2. Back Door Blues (trad.)
3. Bob Dylan's Dream
4. You Can Get Her
5. Farewell
6. All Over You
7. Masters of War
8. Instrumental
9. Keep Your Hands Off Her (Lead Belly)
10. Honey Babe
11. Goin' Back to Rome
12. Stealin', Stealin' (trad., arr. Memphis Jug Band)

Bob Dylan
The Bear
Chicago, Illinois
April 25, 1963

1. Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance
2. Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues
3. Bob Dylan's Dream
4. Ballad of Hollis Brown
5. Talkin' World War III Blues
6. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
7. With God On Our Side
(no covers for this one I'm afraid......) 
Well thanks to 'Doug' that's now been recitified.....and a cracking little cover it is too . Here and anyone downloading this after 1/11/11 will get that with the download. THANKS DOUG! 

Q: how cool is this?           A: VERY COOL INDEED

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

young, young, young.....
I guess I may have posted these before but frankly I don't care - just wanted to put some from 1963 in one place and in tribute to my old friend John and for my wife Dawn, who honestly deserves a whole lot more than my measly posting of some bootlegs here and quite how she has managed to put up with me for 35 years is anyone's guess and quite frankly totally beyond me...... ;o)

Big O has a couple boots lately and one today (15th Sept) that visitors might like to check out and bearing in mind they aren't posted for long so if anyone misses these gems drop me a line and I will post them myself.....today there's a Rolling Thunder boot. Not my favourite period for Bobby musically but culturally its fascinating...the Kerouac and Ginsberg connection is irresistible to me.
When I worked at MOMA in Oxford the Deputy Director, the wonderful Marco Livingstone, showed the complete Rolling Thunder 'Renaldo & Clara' movie in the film club which was fantastic! If just a tad long........at four hours as I recall......

And also in cas anyone missed it the Complete [so far!] Dylan and The Grateful Dead is available in a six disc set! Available here.......

October 2011

So in tribute to the fact that most folks here are looking for His Bobness, here's a few treats. This first one is a bit ropey....as in below my usual sound quality standards - but what do you expect? This is pre-Band Dylan with The HAWKS fer Chrissakes! Listenable none the less

Great stuff!

I take this to be the missing Vol 1 of the TV recordings I was banging on about earlier up the page!
More to come over the next few days........well with a bit of luck and a prevailing wind.....
Blow Wind Blow and here we are......
Don't know why I haven't posted this little gem before but here's legendary boot 'Blood On The Tapes'....one of the first of the next generation boots given to me by my dear friend Filmmaker and director Stephen Blackman (fellow Dylan nut and cameraman without equal) not entirely sure this is complete as it seem to be a track short from some knocking around the t'interweb...but unless anyone knows otherwise I will let it stand as I have it and it is really worth having .....you know the story from the wonderful book 'Simple Twist of Fate' by Gill & Odegard which I highly recommend (given me also by the ever generous Stephen Blackman and one of the most fascinating books I have read on the subject - witness the role of Bob's brother in this and the story of how Bobby picked up the musicians to re-record the whole damn thing!)
REMOVED by ORDER of Web Sheriff for SONY MUSIC Special Rider 23/02/2012

And here's another from the never ending tour, the Round Rock, Texas 2009 gig. Now, I am not ENTIRELY sure who's version this is, as there are so many soundboard versions of the latest gigs. As a rule I get them from the wonderful BobDylan Netherlands site but this is a wonderful recording. I know there are some of you out there who don't care for the balance and mix of the recent tour soundboards not to mention the performances being a tad.... what shall we say, er, ...repetitious but this is a great set and a great sound. If you find them as I often do a tad bassy then merely hit your Equalizer button and adjust accordingly. [Duh! ED]

If you know whose version this is, or indeed if its yours, please get in touch and I will be happy to credit and adjust the artwork accordingly. Meanwhile I post this with the stewART artwork - cos I like them so much and this one credits Cygnus02 as the taper.......hope that's OK?

OK so let's have some more on the 1/11/11
Here's the European rehearsals with Mick Taylor from 1984...........known as 'Angel of Rain'

 Has some lovely versions on, if a tad throw away on the lyric phrasing at times ...it's a rehearsal after all. Lovely versions of 'Heart Of Mine' and 'Watered Down Love' and three takes on 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue' for example...give it a shot if'n you ain't not got it, come get it and then you've got it ........and you won't be disappointed

 ++++ * * * * * __ _ __ _ __ _ __ * * * * * ++++

Largely it is accepted the Never Ending Tour started in Concord California 1988 so here's the beginning of what must be a long strange trip indeed if not entirely enough for us than surely for His Bobness himself.......here t'is. It features guest Neil Young who really should have a page of his own............I'll think about it. I have as much 'Shaky' as say Leonard so it could happen. What do YOU think? [Who in the name of Hecky Green ARE you talking too?! ED]

Now here's another treat....I was going to post these at 11.11am on the 11th November 2011 but.....I couldn't be bothered, yet another example of the silliness of numerology and in reality merely another vacuous celebration of our inability to count ( see treatise on Christmas, Easter, etc) but there is nothing sadder than the phrase "I was going to......." so I will desist suffice to say I was in the barber at 11 on 11/11/11 and found the two minutes silence rather salutary but I digress (You do that a lot! So get on with it! ED)

Here's the set from Toad's Place - New Haven 1990 in FOUR discs (count 'em)  Enjoy!


Here's a little beauty for a Saturday misty morning. Outtakes from 'Don't Look Back' a classic fantastic document and this is fascinating for its indication of what was omitted if nothing else. It contains great versions of some of our favourite songs from 'It's All Over Now Baby Blue', 'To Ramona' 'It's Alright Ma I'm Only Bleeding' Bob at his songwriting height and no mistake and always a treat to revisit version of these classic wonderments 

Danville girl, RUBY PORTER tells of corrupt Swapmeets 

Here's Bobby's Outtakes from a favourite album of mine ' Empire Burlesque' universally seen as a weak album I gather..but it holds a special place in the pantheon of Dylan albums in my humble opinion and I LOVE it. This has great production values and insight into the recording and songwriting process (check Danville Girl)

So we need to fill this puppy back up to snuff! [That has to be the er, strangest mixed metaphor EVER - ED ] Feeling a bit down hearted there for a sec being told off and to take things down but here goes.....well,  here goes nothin' really

Enjoy...I think you will......!

So worthy of an update, here a new Dylan Album, post 'TEMPEST' which incidentally I adore 'Duquene Whistle' being a favourite that hasn't made it off the turntable since!
But here's another in the Bootleg series (ahem ahem!) 
OFFICIAL, for once seeing as how all the file sharing sites have booted me off (ahem ahem huh?!)

I love the New Morning and Self Portrait era and admit it took me a while but faster than some who had committed to print by then. I was shocked when the reviews came out Rolling Stone etc and allowed them to colour my judgement until I remembered what journalists actually are . . . .Mr Jones indeed. . . . . . . .

so I can't wait for this and have my order in already

Bob Dylan's The Bootleg Series Vol. 10 Another Self Portrait 

(1969 - 1971)
Columbia Records will release Bob Dylan's The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10 - Another Self Portrait (1969-1971) on August 27*, bringing fresh perspective to one of the artist's most controversial periods and revealing it to be one of his most wonderfully creative and prolific. Containing 35 rarities and previously unreleased recordings, Another Self Portrait (1969-1971) is the latest edition of Dylan's acclaimed Bootleg Series and is available in both a standard two-disc set and in a four-disc deluxe box set.
The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10 - Another Self Portrait (1969-1971) is available for pre-order now on iTunes, Amazon and the Official Bob Dylan Store.
You know it makes sense!


Banana said...

you have a GREAT blog.. so glad i found it! i have been searching for the newport stuff for a while now. just wondering if you could check out the newport vol. 2 link? right now its just vol. 1 & vol. thanks, much appreciated. also love the other posts as well.

sealy said...

Hey Banana...you found this just by surfing around?? That's great. We might get a bit of chat going on around here to help Swappers feel it's all worth his while.

sealy said...

Hey there! You are too kind and thank you very much for those....none of which I have.

I'll repay this some day

Doug said...

Thank you so much for the endless hours of great Dylan...like Banana, I'm happy I'm one of those who DO read the blog.

Quick question, though: do you have the link for the THIRD disc (i.e., Vol. 2, disc 1) of the Supper Club recordings? The current link just takes you to disc 2 again.

Andy Swapp said...

Hi! Blimey well spotted Doug!
Sorry about that....situation corrected and sorry it has taken me while to get around to it....hope it hasn't spoilt your enjoyment of a fine fine Bobby boot...it occurs to me that as I am doing this my daughter is the Finsbury Park Fleis to see Bobby.....what goes around comes around I guess........Thanks for getting in touch, Doug and keep on Keeping On

Banana said...

Yep, found this rare gem just by the power of google. This is honestly one of the best Dylan pages I've found. I come back every now and then just to check up. Thank you so much!!

Andy Swapp said...

Wow,Banana! Thank you! Praise indeed. "One of the best Dylan pages I've found"!
Crikey that's fantastic so glad you like that's made my day!

macaroonba said...

Fantastic collection of Bob. Thank you so much. Could you check Disc 1 of Tonight I'll Be Playing Here For You. I can't locate it. Cheers

Andy Swapp said...

Blimey Macaroonba! Sorry about that! Don't know what's happened there......recall I had a cold so must have missed it. Sorry not to have been on that sooner but my wife has been dangling me in the Ha-Ha....will be up there soonest.....thanks for the heads up and enjoy it - it IS such a special boot Keep the Faith
Swappers (for it is he.....)

macaroonba said...

Nice one, thanks again. Great site

Doug said...
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Doug said...

Let's just say that finally getting to hear the third disc has expanded my enjoyment of the Supper Club recordings. Thank you again.

You've almost single-handedly knocked off all the recordings on my Bob boots wishlist. By way of returning the karma, I've created a cover for the Gerdes Basement and Bear Club recordings here. Hope you find it useful.

Andy Swapp said...

Hey well thank you, Doug! Your lovely cover posted in the body of the postings. So glad you like what's on here and I started it only because of searching for my own 'hit-list'. I only post boots that I love and think are up to snuff. Gone are the days of scratchy 200m vinyl and the quality is key. Otherwise what's the point? Completist I ain't, it's all about the MEWSIC! Love on.......Swappers :o)

JerryKing said...

I love your website and have downloaded a number of albums. My wife is a huge Dylan fan, and I'm making some CDs for her for Christmas.

One problem I noticed--I tried to download the Carnegie Chapter Hall 1961, but it links to the 1966 Australia concert instead.

Andy Swapp said...

Thanks Jerry for the heads up! Sorry about that....I keep doing that! Enjoy should be sorted now and thank you for the lovely comments and I hope you and your wife enjoy the boots
Bestests Swappers

Banana said...

Haven't checked out this blog in a while, so glad that it's still around. Keep up the great posts! :)

rintesh said...

Great blog! Outstanding collection! Thank you so much!

Unknown said...


Great blog, thanks so much for your efforts... Sydney 1966 - both links are for disc one - sorry to nag...


South Africa

Cover Songs said...

Wow- what a treasure trove of information on Bobby- I had no idea all these bootlegs existed. It's going to take quite a while to get through them all!

Cover Songs

Andy Swapp said...

Thanks for dropping by Jim and only sorry there's no direct downloads here anymore. You do realise that I no longer post access to these bootlegs as two of the major file sharers have booted me off (geddit?)
Still thanks for dropping by and you do know about the other bootleg Dylan sites I am guessing?

Marco Puglioli said...

Hi! I've been searching "BORDER BENEATH THE SUN" for a while. is there a link that I missed anywhere? Thank you and congrats for the blog. so cool!


Andy Swapp said...

Hey Marco thanks for dropping by. There are two volumes of Border Beneath The Sun from the Pavilion de Paris so not sure which [if not both?] you were after. As you may gather Sony Music UK folks stopped me from offering all these some time ago and yet you may find them elsewhere. Have you tied Sugarmegs?

Meanwhile check back and watch this space as I may still be able to help . . . he added enigmatically!

Unknown said...

Hello, I'm looking for details on my copy of Bob Dylan "Autorretrato" Stereo Columbia CLS 5306 a single vinyl LP apparently pressed in the Republic of Columbia---all sites only note this oddity on a CBS Label--this is on a COLUMBIA lABEL with "descatalogado" stamped on the back. Anybody know ANYHING? thanks

Andy Swapp said...

Hi Virginia Sorry not to have responded earlier but I haven't much to say about this. Is it not as the title implies merely the Spanish pressing of 'Self Portrait'? This is listed on BobDylan.com as 'Bob Dylan 101 : Autorretrato' and the track listing is the same
"descatalogado" just means 'out of print' or discontinued
sorry not to be more helpful but it sounds like it's worth keeping onto
(email me if you want to carry on this dialogue more promptly!)

Sid said...

all links removed .... :'(((

Andy Swapp said...

Yeah sorry Sid!
If you cast back through the comments files you will see the file sharing sites I used booted me off some time ago now and Sony are getting tighter. Many boots can still be found if you hunt around but I didn't hide what I was doing and still believe in the sharing of unofficially unreleased ROIO's add to an artist's kudos and value and ultimately sales! but hey?! what ya gonna do?!
Happy hunting!

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