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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

 . . . . . . . . je ne suis pas à vendre . . . . . . . 

Wow a positive tumult or torrent (geddit?) of ROIOs today from the legendary 

Lou Reed
Live in Rosskilde Denmark 2000
This is an astonishing document and heavy as you like featuring songs not covered so much elsewhere let alone live and yet it is not without it's frustrations, the radio announcer talking over it for the first 49 seconds notwithstanding it warms up into a fierce power play set from Denmark. Lou at his best despite the show bing incomplete and all the tracks from 'New York' being left out (sic?!) the rest is STILL worth a listen and no mistake. This is heavy heavy manners dudes!

Not quite as good as the 'missing' legendary Southampton gig IMHO but worth having and then some as this is cleaned up nicely for a set from 1969 and it is in San Francisco so check it out. Fun!

another  SPOT recording

Well what can I say? This is ok I guess but there are much much better live recordings and though SPOT is a legend amongst recorders of live gigs this is mixed down quietly and the vocals are mixed way down and it is merely irritation. For completists only the other stuff is worth having and readily out there from the same year I have covered elsewhere.

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