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Friday, April 24, 2020



Absolute corker of a ROIO from BBChronicles yesterday and have been listening to little else for the past 24 hours. An absolute scorcher of a double set from Dallas Texas in 1995. In either FLAC or MP3! Superb stuff . . . . . . . . over two hours with his full band in first rate quality

John Prine 1995 Majestic Theatre - BBChronicles Blogspot 

Disc 1:
01. Spanish Pipedream
02. Six O'clock News 
03. Fish And Whistle 
04. Picture Show
05. You Got Gold 
06. All The Best 
07. New Train
08. Ain't Hurtin' Nobody 
09. This Love is Real
10. Angel From Montgomery 
11. Donald And Lydia
12. Souvenirs
13. That's The Way That The World Goes 'Round 
14. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
15. Space Monkey
16. Sam Stone

Disc 2:
01. Everything Is Cool 
02. Leave the Lights On 
03. Quit Hollerin' At Me 
04. band intro
05. The Sins of Memphisto 
06. Humidity Built the Snowman 
07. Lake Marie
08. Hello In There 
19. Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone 
10. Please Don't Bury Me
11. Illegal Smile
12. Daddy's Little Pumpkin 
13. We Are the Lonely
14. Storm Windows
15. Paradise (with The Subdudes)  

Band (Lost Dogs/Subdudes):
Larry Crane - guitar, vocals
Phil Parlapiano - keyboards, accordion, vocals
David Steele - guitars, mandolin, vocals
David Jacques - bass 
Ed Gass - drums, percussion

Enjoy! This is the first Prine set I have been able to listen to since his untimely cruel death from Covid-19 after an incredible struggle and surviving two bouts of throat cancer.
Thanks BB!


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