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Wednesday, April 15, 2020



Again Voodoo Wagon turn up trumps and posted this earlier on. A Richard Thompson set from NY a full evening's double set from 1990 and whilst they posted this ages ago [first posted February 25, 2014] originally, if you don't have it already you really should add this to your collection. The Maestro at his peak . . . . .check the setlist! As Richard has been broadcasting from his home during the pandemic this may have went your whistle for me . . . have at it!

Set List:
-- Early Show
101 I Misunderstood
102 1952 Vincent Black Lightning 
103 How Will I Ever Be Simple Again
104 Two Left Feet
105 Why Must I Plead
106 Now That I am Dead
107 Jerusalem on the Jukebox
108 She Moves Through The Fair
109 You Can't Win
110 Pharaoh
111 The Days of Our Lives
112 Just the Motion
113 Time to Ring Some Changes
114 Valerie
115 Al Bowlly's in Heaven

-- Late Show
201 When The Spell is Broken *
202 Waltzing's for Dreamers
203 How Many Times
204 I Feel So Good
205 Turning of the Tide
206 Down Where the Drunkards Roll
207 Intro To Psycho Street-Neighbors
208 Psycho Street
209 Rockin' in Rhythm
210 Devonside
211 Wall of Death
212 Shoot Out the Lights
213 High School Confidential
214 Willy O' Winsbury
215 Killing Jar
216 Don't Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes at Me
217 Genesis Hall
218 Woman or a Man

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