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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Well the boys over at Floppy Boot Stomp and Voodoo Wagon (well let's be fair it's Jobe!) are on fire and posted this yesterday . . . . . . .. if you download one thing today make it this! 
Four (count 'em!) FOUR albums worth of alternate takes from the most classic Who albums ever, heck the most classic ROCK ALBUM EVER! If you don't have this in your Top Ten Albums of all time, see a doctor and ask him to check your pulse and book a brain scan! Oh and TURN IT UP!
It's window rattling time . . . . . . . . . !!


The Who 

The Real Alternate Who's Next

The Real Alternate Who's Next Album

Disc 1 - Pete's Demos
1. Pure And Easy
2. Teenage Wasteland
3. Going Mobile
4. Baba O'Riley
5. Time Is Passing
6. Love Ain't For Keeping
7. Bargain
8. Too Much Of Anything
9. Greyhound Girl
10. Mary
11. Behind Blue Eyes
12. I Don't Even Know Myself
13. Getting In Tune
14. Won't Get Fooled Again
15. The Song Is Over
 . . . . . . frankly I have just listened to this all the way through and Pete Townshend is a freakin' genius! Staggering Demo and could have been rleleased like this!

Disc 2 - Alternate & Extended Album

1. Baba O'Riley
2. Going Mobile
3. Time Is Passing
4. Love Ain't For Keeping
5. My Wife
6. Bargain
7. Too Much Of Anything
8. Behind Blue Eyes
9. I Don't Even Know Myself
10. Put The Money Down
11. Pure And Easy
12. Getting In Tune
13. Let's See Action
14. Relay
15. Join Together
16. Won't Get Fooled Again
17. The Song Is Over

Disc 3 - The Recording Sessions
1. Pure And Easy - alternate version
2. Getting In Tune - alternate version
3. Baby Don't You Do It - rough mix
4. Won't Get Fooled Again - alternate version
5. Love Ain't For Keeping - alternate version
6. Getting In Tune - alternate mix
7. Too Much Of Anything - alternate mix
8. Pure And easy (Pete solo piano)*
9. Baba O'Riley - synth intro with comments
10. Going Mobile - with comments
11. My Wife - with comments
12. Behind Blue Eyes - with comments

Disc 4 - Rehearsals At The Old Vic Theatre, London 1971
1. Baby Don't You Do It
2. Bargain
3. Bony Moronie
4. Unknown Jam
5. My Generation
6. Naked Eye
7. Naked Eye
8. Bonie Moronie
9. Roadrunner
10. Walking The Dog
11. Pinball Wizard
12. See Me Feel Me
13. Baby Don't You Do It
14. Won't Get Fooled Again - false start
15. Won't Get Fooled Again


Jobe said...

Thanks Andy. You are in our hall of fame at the Wagon, and Boot. Let me see what I can up with today for you

diamonddave said...

Absolutely agree Andy, has to be the greatest ROCK album ever. Every song is a killer. As for Won't get fooled & Baba - frightening stuff. I think I still play this just about monthly - you must've even heard me in Kidlington on the WGFA scream!!
Keep safe mate.

Andy Swapp said...

Thanks Jobe as ever! and Thanks Diamond Dave my 'neighbour'! So glad you dropped by. This four album set is on the player as we speak and frankly it is just awe inspiring. The demos alone as I keep saying ad nauseam are staggering, Townshend at his creative genius best. Some moments in music history are worth noting and documenting for flashes of inspiration. This is one of them.

Jobe said...

You OK? When you don't post for a couple of days I start to worry!!!!!!

Andy Swapp said...

Top man you are Jobe! Thanks for the kind care and concern. I'm okay. Just a few things to get done and distracted by one thing and another! I'll be back a'postin' any second now! So kind Jobe you're a star!