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Sunday, April 26, 2020


An absolute cracker of a set from Floppy Boot Stomp this morning of the Richard Thompson Band from '85 which is about when I cam across him again after Fairport Convention.  I was introduced to Across a Crowded Room of that year by artist and fantastic British painter, Graham Dean. I have followed him again (Richard not Graham well actually both!) ever since and so this has loads of happy memories and as FBS it is perhaps one of the best audience recordings I have heard in a while, slightly warm (not hot) if anything but needs turning up a tad and we can do that can't we? It is a scorching angry set and stems from the time of his most productive vitriolic songs (Fire In The Engine Room, She Twists The Knife Again, When The Spell Is Broken, Little Blue Number, Did She Jump or Was She Pushed, You Don't Say etc so Thomson's at his very best IMHO)


Jobe said...

Thanks Andy. That Who boot over at the Wagon has already surpassed 400 downloads and not a single comment. I'm thinking I might just start posting nothing but Dylan and Richard Thompson since you're the only one who is kind enough to ever leave a comment.

Andy Swapp said...

Cheers Jobe! Am heading right over there now! . . . . ha ha ha I doubt it's just me but it always seems only polite and fun to acknowledge when we dig something. But then I am retired and have loads of time on my hands. Please keep adding whatever floats your rubber dinghy!?!