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Tuesday, April 21, 2020


BB Chronicles

BB over at BB Chronicles posted an interesting set from John Prine from 1990 the other day and whilst he was among those ROIO sources still using Zippyshare (not user friendly to the UK anymore) he kindly posted links using the seemingly excellent Solid Files which worked okay and in rapid time (curiously I did have a bit of a problem opening the archive files and couldn't open them with my usual Stuffit Expander and despite it not needing updating as far as I can tell I had to use another file unpacker and used the ever reliable Keka as recommended via AppleToolBox) I would be interested to hear if anyone else using Stuffit and/or Keka had similar problems or whether it is yet another MacOs issue since they have gone 64 bit)
Anyway the concert itself says its a soundboard but it starts of real rough and the vocals mixed way down in the mix for this listener but stick with it as it improves immeasurably as John goes on and is not worth dumping for the sake of the opening tracks

Any comments and feedback would be of interest (Who ARE you talking too? You know full well nobody is listening! ED

Have at it!

John Prine - The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fesitival 1990

Tracklist:01. Spanish Pipedream 
02. Donald and Lydia 
03. Blue Umbrella 
04. Angel From Montgomery 
05. Bottomless Lake 
06. All the Best 
07. Grandpa Was a Carpenter 
08. Illegal Smile 
09. Dear Abby 
10. Souvenirs 
11. Sam Stone 
12. That's The Way The World Goes 'Round 
13. Please Don't Bury Me 
14. Paradise 
15. Hello in There

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