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Thursday, May 06, 2021

Mike Heron - Call Me Diamond & Singing The Dolphin Through (Still Waters)


From 'Smiling Men With Bad Reputations' still a favourite album and check out Dudu Pukwana on sax

as it was last listed at £75 and Amazon have it as currently unavailable I guess it 'out of print' as is most all of Mike's work which is little short of criminal but you can smile here 

and get a bad reputation . . . . .

Speaking of reputations there's alway this from Reputation in 1975 . . . . . covered once by Manfred Mann's Earth Band but then largely forgotten . . . . . . I love this song

Also found on Echo Coming Back - The Best of Mike Heron if you can find any of them . . . . . . ?!!!!

Singing The Dolphin Through (Still Waters)

Singing The Dolphin
Acoustic Guitar – Ulf Ronquist
Backing Vocals – Krysia KocjanLinda Thompson
Bass – Amin Mohammed*
Harmonium – Ron Leahy*
Marimba, Drums – John Gilston
Written-By – Mike Heron 

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