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Thursday, November 24, 2022

The Rolling Stones - Bridges to Babylon Tour Rehearsals - FLOPPY BOOT STOMP for THANKSGIVING!

 Nice post from Jobe over at HQ . . . .with a lovely appreciative shout out to yours truly and if you want your Thanksgiving a rockin' round the front room dancing in your pants then this ones for a you!! 

You know you do!

The Stones Rehearsals for the Bridges to Babylon tour of 1997

The Rolling Stones THANKSGIVING SPECIAL - Floppy Boot Stomp

It's great fun and good quality having many of our (my) favourite tracks including Star Star! Satisfaction, Bitch, It's Only Rock n Roll etc etc
Have at it and if you are in America,


These below are for the Son's of Nargo The Bort's Deviant Subculture the Boss Silent Way, Jobe, 
Draftervoi, Enoch, Subadoo, Hinterwald, Rocket and Jeremiah the Bull Frog and basically all the cats over at Floppy Boot Stomp!  (and the Wagon . . . VOODOO that is!)


I Can't Get No Satisfaction

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