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Friday, December 04, 2020



 Turning into a women's day . . . new singles from both Amy MacDonald and Emily Barker just posted this

Emily Barker just released Machinecheck it out here

Here’s what they say about it: 

“Alongside the album version, there are two new versions of Machine here: one was made with Lukas Drinkwater during the first lockdown when we experimented by creating alternative versions to all the songs on the album (you'll hear more about this later down the line), and the other is a solo version - just me clicking my fingers and singing the melody, much in the style of when it was written.

If you haven't seen Tori Styles' wonderful video, that's here too.

Emily x”

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An extraordinary darker track from Emily here and with tremendous accompaniment from her wonderful husband of this year, bassist Lukas Drinkwater

Do check it out . . . . buy it for a couple of quid!

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