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Friday, April 16, 2021



John Cale - Sabotage Live 1979 

{Out of Print}

From the original FBS Archives
Back From The Dead, Originally posted here March 19, 2014 

John Cale - Sabotage Live
Recorded live at CBGB's
New York, New York 1979

Rare and Out of Print @320
$900 at the 'Zon

"being paid just enough to make them wanna KILL for you, but not enough to make them wanna DIE for you,"
The Boss says . . . . :
I know it's probably hard for a John Cale fan that may not know this record to accept the guy dropping his acoustical piano and violin for an electric guitar, and issuing what's most probably the most brutal/ straightforward live album ever- but it would be a crime to ignore this masterpiece, which runs at full voltage all the way down. Captain Hook is probably the best Cale performance ever, Mercenaries the best anti-war song ever written, but anyway the whole album is an astonishing experience, provided of course that you do know how to pump up the volume for your speakers.

Review at Rolling Stone

Track List:
01 - Mercenaries (Ready For War)
02 - Baby You Know
03 - Evidence
04 - Dr. Mudd
05 - Walkin' the Dog
06 - Captain Hook
07 - Only Time Will Tell
08 - Sabotage
09 - Chorale

Marc Aaron: Guitar
Joe Bidwell: Keyboards, Vocals
Doug Bowne: Drums, Vocals
John Cale: Bass, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Viola, Vocals, Producer, Fretless Bass, Mixing Deerfrance: Percussion, Vocals
George Scott: Bass

John Cale - Sabotage Live 1979 - Voodoo Wagon

Mercenaries (Live) Rockpalast 1984

"My Rifle Is My Friend/I Clean My Rifle Every Day/That´s Why My Rifle Is My Friend/Ready For War..."

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