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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Richard Thompson Specials - Jobe and Swappers


Two from the NINETIES!

A Joint Jobe/Swappers production

Thanks to Jobe, my brother by another mother, who posted me the links to these sterling efforts from Richard Thompson and my favourite period of his songwriting live. . . . . . 

We have from 1991 from the Town and Country Club in Kentish Town London 'A Gypsy Love Song'

For links see info below!
From my research the info is as follows:
Richard Thompson - A Gypsy Love Song
London 1991

1 Read About Love
2 No More Gypsy Love Songs
3 Keep Your Distance
4 Tear Stained Letter
5 Oh I Swear
6 I Misunderstood
7 Feel So Good
8 Valerie
9 Mother Knows Best
10 Mystery Wind
11 Crash The Party

recorded live at Town & Country Club, Kentish Town, London 1991 

Seemingly taken from a 1991 radio broadcast, A Gypsy Love Song would have made an excellent Richard Thompson Band "official" live record. Superbly recorded in Kentish Town, London, the album highlights one of Thompson's best touring bands as they light a fire under 11 tunes, taken primarily from the (then) current Rumor and Sigh and his work of the late-'80s. Songs such as "Gypsy Love Songs" from Amnesia and Rumor and Sigh's "Mystery Wind" seem to gain a depth and vibrancy in this live setting, while on the extended guitar showcases "Tear Stained Letter" and "Mother Knows Best," Thompson's playing is as stirring and unpredictable as usual. The band, which featured Shawn Colvin on vocals (?) and acoustic guitar, is tight and the playing first-rate throughout, with kudos to multi-instrumentalist Pete Zorn and John Sherman on accordion. Richard's voice and guitar are in fine form here with nearly every cut holding its own alongside, if not exceeding, the respective studio version (the Thompson/Colvin duet on the affecting "Oh I Swear" may well be definitive, and is alone worth the price of admission). A Gypsy Love Song is an excellent addition to any Richard Thompson collection.

May 16, 1991 (Thursday) - Town and Country Club, Kentish Town, London UK
(FM broadcast) BBC we think

and then from later in 1994 (mostly) 

Clown Time is Over

again with my notes from research

Richard Thompson - Clown Time is Over



1. I Ride In Your Slipstream
2. Easy There, Steady Now
3. The Way That It Shows
4. Tear Stained Letter
5. Al Bowlly's In Heaven
6. Mascara Tears
7. Shoot Out The Lights
8. Valerie
9. Wall of Death
10. I Feel So Good

11. Vincent Black Lightning
12. Now That I'm Dead
13. Read About Love
14. Don't Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes at Me

15. Turning Of The Tide - The Bayou, Washington DC, November 7, 1988
16. Feel So Good - Melody Club, Stockholm, Sweden, October 22, 1991

Ten tracks recorded live FM radio broadcast concert with band at Cirkus, Kungliga Djurgarden, Stockholm, Sweden on the 25th May 1994 followed by a four track solo performance broadcast live on the BBC opening for “Crowded House” at Borderline, London on the 6th June 1991, one track recorded live with band at The Bayou, Washington, DC on the 7th November 1988 and one track solo performance for radio during October 1991. 

May 25, 1994 (Wednesday) - Cirkus, Kungliga Djurgarden, Stockholm, Sweden

Dimming of the Day (with Bonnie Raitt in her set)

(FM broadcast - excerpts)

(opening for Bonnie Raitt) see below

links for these two are in the comments section from Jobe on the Beatles post for the brilliant last post 'Helter Skelter and 18 others'
have at it . . . .can't find them? Drop me a note and I will either refresh them or send you the whole kit and caboodle!

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