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Sunday, March 21, 2021

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - Studio Rehearsals After Bathing At Baxters 1967 - VOODOO WAGON

 It's Sunday so what do we need? Why we need some 



 Studio Rehearsals & Fillmore West - 1968



If you don't have this already here's your soundtrack for Sunday census day! Ya freaks! 

Text says:

Jefferson Airplane 

Bathing at Baxters Rehearsals

Live at Pacific Heights Studio, San Francisco, CA. 

October 05, 1967 

+ Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA - October 26, 1968.

Studio + Excellent Soundboard Recording -320 kbps

Track List:

01. Martha (instrumental)

02. Spayre Change

03. Fat Angel

04. Rock Me Baby

05. Somebody to Love

06. Won't You Try ~ Saturday Afternoon

07. White Rabbit

08. Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil

09. House at Pooneil Corner

Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Jorma Kaukonen - Voice 

Marty Balin - Voice, Rhythm Guitar

Paul Kantner - Guitars 

Jack Casady - Bass 

Grace Slick - Piano 

Spencer Dryden - Drums.

Notes: Jorma, Jack and Spencer have probably burned a doobie or three before checking in to the studio; (ooh ya think?) they are clearly cruising at maximum altitude. The last nine minutes of this session appear on the album proper, but here’s the whole thing, warts and all. And such lovely warts they are! Why they didn’t put this gem on the Jefferson Airplane Loves You collection is a mystery.

thanks v-chile 

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