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Thursday, March 11, 2021

 Oh Yeah! Religion Pigeon

   Of course the alt-right, the extreme right amongst evangelicals in the States are becoming more and more a law unto themselves and reflecting more about their support for PPOTUS (previous President of The United States) than their seeming knowledge of a young man 2000+ years ago called Joshua or Yahweh believed by many to be a prophet and son of god, a Nazarene and Jew (you do know America he wasn't born in the US of A?!Nor was he white!) Well here's a doozie!

"He operates heavily in the Prophetic realm." Church International Inc.


Jobe said...

What a nut

Andy Swapp said...

Yet he looks like a rock star! They're subverting society to get "in" any way they can . . . . deeply sad and very weird!(not in a good way!) ha ha ha ha