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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Joni Mitchell addict, the deluded smoker!


What do you notice about this picture? Is Joni in reverie, on the ecstatic edge of bliss somehow? As many shots of her throughout her life she is not seen without her drug of choice these days; a cigarette! In this shot alone I count ELEVEN! It would be funny if it were not so desperately sad. She self admittedly described smoking as one of the few pleasures in life which of course it isn't.

 [*Carr can prove it for those in any doubt!]

This is not marijuahana, not opium, not the smoke of dreams and introspection. Why she must stink like an old ashtray, dirty filthy habit as so many know and recall and I imagine nobody wishes to kiss her anymore as what with the delusional parasitosis, Morgellon's craziness, knowing she also stinks like the old smoking room and the bottom of the dog end fire bucket would not induce the most ardent admirer to be seduced by this tragic stinking vision!

To even paint your own self portrait smoking is quite some assertive statement 

Now the sad fact remains that cigarette smoking is no longer a rebellious act, not cool or stylish and American Tobacco must love our Joni for she is rarely pictured without one! Can she really defiantly stand by presenting this action, her addiction, STILL as some kind of statement of cool?  It isn't . . . it's sad and rather pathetic. I know I was once like her . . . . . 

** not the BEST choice for an album cover but hey . . . . . .

I once criticised a ROIO for noting that Joni was smoking on the cover, fag to mouth** and I was pounced upon by trolls and pro smokers, pro freedom of choice brigade so vehemently that I was astonished. The brainwashing that Alan Carr, no not THAT Alan Carr, the 'Easy Way To Stop Smoking'* guy would have it is complete here and it is little more than sad, that in her sixties it was said "why she is unlikely to stop now"! Why? I did and its frankly the best thing I ever did the day I woke up! 

She is a walking advert for the addiction to nicotine that the tobacco companies must really LOVE her!

Given she must have clearance on all images of her does she seriously think this looks attractive? Interesting? Cool?

"I have smoked since I was nine, so obviously it didn't affect my early work that much." - my underlining! 

And then she diverts into a rambling reminiscence of childhood in the remote farming community of Saskatoon. "I would grab my tobacco and get on my bike, looking for a beautiful place, a grove of trees or a field, and go amongst the bushes and smoke and that always gave me a sense of well being." When the addiction takes hold that early it is indeed hard to shake  . . . . . ever the social pariah as in now too the smoker must hide away unless vaping vast clouds of nicotine in imitation fags or pieces of futuristic machinery . . . still not cool and please find a discreet corner in the bushes away from the rest of us to practice your filthy habit!

(I know and although she beats me in idiocy by 5 years I was addicted for 47 years so know whereof I speak!)

Finally getting the message and reading a life saving book (it takes about a weekend to save your life) and after a miserable relapse, read it once more and the penny dropped. Answer Carr's simple and sort of obvious de-programming questions and you will realise that you have been brainwashed all your life by the most addictive and fastest acting substance we have ever perpetrated on each other. Not only that but the tobacco business has had to treat this vegetable matter with several thousand other substances in order to make it more addictive, to stop them from going out ( so you smoke more) and includes formaldehyde and carbon mono-oxide and you realise even the natural occurring weed must be made more addictive for it to works its evil. Couple of 'tabs' and you're hooked! 7 seconds later and you need to hit it again! (I kid you not) the only thing you are doing when smoking is ingesting more nicotine to salve the addiction to the last inhalation! Boy the nicotine company really saw us coming repackaging it as 'vaping' so that whole shops have spring up selling the flavoured wares and 'equipment' again funny were it not so desperately sad! Each drag a means of solving the withdrawal from th last one thus the impact of the drug! . . . . 

Smoker: Read the book you won't be disappointed! It's EASY!

Struggle with the book? Or not succeeding on your own there are numerous therapeutic centres to help de-pregramme you! (see below)




Allen Carrs easyway is clinically proven and drug free

Allen Carr’s Easyway method has been clinically proven in two randomised controlled trials. The results show it to be as good as, if not better than the UK’s gold standard NHS 1-1 Stop Smoking Service1 and almost twice as effective as the Irish Governments Quit.ie service2 . It does not require the use of any drugs or nicotine products.

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