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Wednesday, March 17, 2021



Well amazingly enough (sic) I bought the first Johnathan Richman and The Modern Lovers Album and it's legendary single (Roadrunner) when they came out (something to do with following John Cale as A&R man and checking out everything associated with his name!) and it may be the only purchases to date but to find him still going strong and working with Jerry Harrison (again!) is fascinating and here from Aquarium Drunkard we have a contemporary interview . . . . . . .  

let's here it for the adenoidal King of soft rock! 😂

Jonathan Richman Interview - Aquarium Drunkard

Check it out . . . . . 

Buy the new album . . . I know I will! (and the last one . . . . . . . )

Egyptian Reggae!

Ohh New England!

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