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Tuesday, March 02, 2021

David Byrne: March Radio Playlist

Well, mostly. There are a few older tracks in here...but even those hold up pretty well. We mourn the recent loss of inspirational figures - Sophie and Johnny Pacheco. (Neither on this playlist, but featured on many previous playlists). Also, Sylvain Sylvain, James Purify, Mary Wilson, Chick Corea. If nothing else, this playlist shows that music creation is alive and vibrant. Whether many of these folks are making a living from their work these days - with no live shows for over a year- is a big question….at least Save Our Stages passed as part of the Covid relief bill, so that’s a start.

Some amazing songs, innovation, and heart here...hope you are moved by some of it.

-David Byrne


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Listen to March's Radio Playlist!

Don't normally allow Scientologists on here but this is David Byrne so we'll make an exception . . . 


Kostas said...

Hello Andy. Many Thanx for your comment. I put your blog in my bloglist too. Cheere from Athens, Greece.

Andy Swapp said...

Most welcome! First acknowledged visitor from Greece!